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[Game] Soccer Showdown 2

Soccer Showdown 2Join the action and represent your nation in a global online free-for-all!

Soccer Showdown’s genre-revolutionizing PhysKick™ engine gives you perfect control over every kick. This isn’t your average “flick-the-ball” soccer game. Soccer Showdown is entirely physics based; your finger IS your foot.

With one swipe you command the ball’s power, spin, arc, trajectory, and lateral curve.

Choose your favorite team and challenge your friends, your enemies, or anyone in the world in online international tournaments. Gain levels, earn coins, and unlock rare equipment to achieve superstar status.

“A great multiplayer experience that’s easy to replay again and again” – 148Apps
“You’ll definitely want to pick this universal app up” – AppAdvice
“One of the most intensely competitive gaming experiences you’ll find on any platform” –

And find out why Naquatic apps like Guncrafter and Shooting Showdown have lit up the top charts and been featured by everyone from Apple to Google, Amazon, IGN, AppAdvice, and TouchArcade.

The PhysKick™ engine with complete shot control
Play as the Kicker and the Goalkeeper
Global multiplayer matchmaking through GameCenter
Over 100 unlockable gloves, shoes, and balls
Comprehensive leveling and ranking system
Practice arena with 3 difficulty modes
Full set of Achievements and Leaderboards

Soccer Showdown 2 user reviews :

This game is ok because i paused the game tonblow my nose then i got scored on whenni paused it and it is surper hard to pause anyway. Other qise it is fine aa a game

I had this game as a child and now the king is back

This game can go to help the ball can go through your habds and be a goal u go for a fire shot it goes slow and if u kick it an inch under the opponites hands its a save

Thanks to this game I could just play it All dayydoesn’t get me mad it’s suppe r fun a lot of people should get it

You can’t save a goal it sucks and I enjoy playing it but you just can’t save and the.gravity it goes through my gloves or not even close to his gloves and he gets a goal or a save

I’m so disappointed The flags are placed in the wrong countries when I was supposed to pick a ball the first ball was Argentina but it has white and black the second ball is Australia but it has white and the flag if Argentina and there is no Philippines you have here the country Philippines but the flag is wrong and no other ball has the Philippine flag thats the country I like if you will able to fix it I will give you five stars…….

It’s slow for me anyone else have this problem

I would’ve gave it a five but the thing is when the ball hits the post it counts as goal although it didn’t go into the net

Not bad but I have all of them so it gets boring be a use there’s now hard challenge

I love the game. It’s amazing but in the finals of the tournament someone rage quit and it sent me back to the start

I’ve been playing this game from a long time that’s a pretty good game especially if you’re trying to kill time

I liked this game it got me into this because my friend told me about it now I’m telling you to play it is very fun and fun addictive game if you ever played this game

It’s fun and entertaining. Love the game please make more like this.

Its fun but, online is not fun because people just don’t play when its there turn to kick so they just never kick the ball and stays there for hours so quit and they get the win and I get a loss. I know that was hard to read because I don’t know how to explain it but I hope you know what I’m talking about

Have a problem changing the default login on Samsung devices. Tried on Nexus with CM 10.2, Stock S4, and Stock Note 8. All seems be an input issue as it doesn’t allow me easy access to remove the default username and enter my own. Keyboard disappears, or it doesn’t delete but lets you add characters. Very messy! Otherwise very entertaining game!

This is a awesome game but when I was playing it I saved the ball and I saw I that I saved it but then it said that it was a goal. Also when i’m playing solo and vs a team for example Italy, if I kick the ball (or try to make a goal) it looks like it knows where I’m going to kick the ball then saves it. Then when the team is down to 4 goals it goes easy on me. Does this happens to any one else and is there a solution?

I play this game daily and I have a great time playing it. However, sometimes when I play in tournament mode, sometimes the ball won’t get kicked or blocked from me causing me to exit out of the app and restart the whole app which is very time consuming. Other than that, great game!

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