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[Game] Talking Pocoyo Football

Talking Pocoyo FootballAre you a football fan, and do you love Talking Pocoyó?

Now you can download the new TALKING FOOTBALL app, a fun-packed game to enjoy your two passions anywhere: football and Pocoyó.

Pocoyó is eager to share his love of football with you in this fun-filled imitation app!

In Talking Football you can interact with your friend Pocoyó the footballer. You’ll be amazed at his ball control. With him, you can celebrate your team’s goals, root for it, and dress Pocoyó up in the kit you like best.

You’ll have a great time with your favourite cartoon character in this, the most complete football app. Have a blast, whether playing alone or as a family. You can record the game and also put it in the real world with the camera on your device.

Talking Pocoyó is an interactive game in which you can do all these things:

Play with Pocoyó the footballer: click on different parts of his body and see how the football star works wonders with the ball, bouncing it on his head, on his knees, and much more. Discover all the moves he can make. If you talk to him, he’ll repeat your sentences in a cute way.

Goal celebrations: celebrate goals with Pocoyó in the funnest and most original way. Discover different ways to celebrate your team’s goals.

Root for your team: support your team with a bunch of musical instruments: vuvuzela, drum, whistle, cymbals, and horn, among others. You’ll be able to try out different animations when playing each instrument.

Ball skills: help Pocoyó do keepie-uppies by clicking on the part of the body where the ball appears shaded. Let’s see how many keepie-uppies you can do together! It’s up to you to make him a football star!

Kit: dress Pocoyó up in the kit of more than 50 different teams, or create your own; you can choose the colours, designs, crests and much more.

Augmented Reality: take shots of yourself next to Pocoyó, wherever you want, with your camera. You’ll see Pocoyó in the real world. How cool!

Record your videos with Pocoyó and share them on your social networks! Try it now! Once you discover it, you won’t want to leave your favourite character!

Come on! What are you waiting for to have a blast with Talking Football? Discover all that this fun-filled app can offer you, and root for your team to reach the top. Fun and entertainment for the whole family!

Talking Pocoyo Football user reviews :

Just ads. I do like all of the fake 5 star reviews though lol. Clearly the dev did that or paid for it bc they weren’t done by people that speak English. One review just says “Experience”.

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