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[App] May – Beautiful Bullet Journal

MayDesign your personal style bullet journal.

Manage time effectively, keep precious memories and seek inspiration for an exciting day of work or study.

Main Features:

Add notes, events, to-do lists, anniversaries, etc
Create your own bullet key
Doodle with simple-to-use drawing tools
Feel the mood with elegant handwriting fonts
Cute lovely stickers that light up your imagination
Dark theme and 12 color schemes for customization

It’s FREE. No account registration required.

Whether you are creating a creative diary or adopting a digital planner, you can use this bullet journal app to:

Take a quick note of goals or things you want to get done this week.

Enjoy quick access to your daily to-do list on monthly calendar.

Record happy moments, memorable days, people that make you happy, and things you love.

Scribble and share your creativity with friends or family members anywhere, anytime.

Track moods, good habits, or fun things to explore like books, and movies.

Regardless of your reason for using a bullet journal, the most important thing is to get in the habit of regularly writing. Because when you take the time to jot down and decorate your bullet journal, you will focus on your best and forget all the troubles. At the same time, you will feel more relaxed and understand yourself better.

Happy journaling!

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May user reviews :

Gives you a calendar that you can customize (if you pay) and you can create tasks and mark birthdays. It’s not very good on telling how to move to next month(you have to swipe?) You can draw and make notepads to track moods and habits. You have to pay to get the stickers you want. My only big thing that peeves me is that you can’t reorder the notepads. You can reorder the pages but not the pad. Also it does not give am or pm when you want to set a time.

  • Thank you for the awesome review! We appreciate your feedback on the features, and we’re working on improvements for the next version. Feel free to reach out through the app or at azeravn.developer[at] if you have any more suggestions. Have a fantastic day!

The only app I encountered that is free and amazing. The way we can freely draw, place stickers, and add pictures is so cool! And the fact the sticker packs that are only available in premium can also be unlockable with a vary number of ads is also cool! This app gave the user such freedom. Aish, if only I had the money to support this developer, I would’ve already!

i just downloaded it and haven’t used it for more than a day, but this app is too good to be true for me i haven’t really come across a journaling app that has this type of customization. the interface is really cute and basically includes what i want in physical journal but just can’t be bothered to do. makes me look forward to journal and document my life in pics more every day. i rarely purchase an app unless i absolutely need to but i would definitely consider paying for this one

this app is really good and easy to use. its my diary and planner at the same time. i just hope that we could edit text once done typing it. sometimes you wouldnt notice that theres a typo. and if possible to add our own theme or background i think it would be much better Edit: Thank you for your response. Got the edit button working!

  • Thank you for your feedback! You can edit text by tapping to select it, then tapping again at the text center to enter edit mode. We’re working hard to improve the app with more exciting features and greatly appreciate suggestions from active users like you. Feel free to contact our in-app support anytime. We’re always happy to help!

The cutest journal app ever. Like fr and all the available stickers that are the literal cutest 11/10 i fr love it, it motivated me to journal more just to try all the different fonts and artistic tools. I hope the employees rest with a cold pillow. My only thing is that i feel like text isnt adjustable in the matter of width. Like i cant control how long width wise the text could be i can control size of words only. Maybe its just my problem but idk

  • Thank you for your 5-star review! It’s delighted to hear that you’re enjoying it! We’re aware of the text edit limitation and are actively working on improving it. If you have any suggestions or encounter any issues, please contact our in-app support or email us at We’re here to help. Have a great day!

I love the layout I would suggest making the calendar either fit the screen and or making the interface or the Overall look of the calender mor of a collage type layout as it’s sort of cluttered… However I am absolutely in love the the side controls are amazing I love how many options there are aswell as settings themes and the password lock thing is a great addition …. Truly exceptional work !

  • Thank you for your kind words and suggestions! To view the whole calendar, you can tap on the square icon at the bottom right of the screen. If you have more suggestions or encounter any issues, please contact our in-app support or email us at azeravn.developer[at] We’re here to assist you and improve your experience. Have a great day!

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