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Social Dev Story A simulator where you develop your very own dream game.

Can you make a game that reaches a billion downloads?!
Jump on the social game craze!

Easy-to-play social app developing company game.
Band together your team of great staff and bring them to the top of their game!

Develop groundbreaking games and become #1 in the industry!

Manage a game development/management company and create an amazing game special to you!
Train up staff and think up new project ideas all while racing against tight deadlines to become the game maker that everyone knows and loves.

Playing with your friends will cause new situations to arise that you won’t want to miss out on too!

Please restart your device if the screen goes black.
All game data is stored on your device. Caution is advised when deleting/reinstalling the app or changing devices as data transfer is not supported for this game.
In-app purchases are necessary to be able to use every function in the game.

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Social Dev Story user reviews :

Very nice and well-developed game. However, there is something missing in this game, which is adding random friends. They forced you to get another player’s ID, which is hard if there’s no one around you playing the game. Since adding friend is crucial for this game, the missing “adding random friends” menu is very annoying and blocking me from proceeding. Please fix this. Other than that, this game is perfect.

While the game is not hard… it takes some getting used too. Not to mention their premium coin is super slow to get and expensive to buy. Not to mention having to have friends to get more floors.

Pretty average, perhaps a but below. It’s fun to play but it’s definitely pay to win. The premium currency is too necessary in order to progress and they aren’t worth the value. I don’t mind some microtransactions, but in this game they negatively impact the average users experience significantly. Additionally, it’s required that you add friends and receive gifts to upgrade your building beyond 2 floors. Which requires seeking out ID’s outside of the game and is not intuitive at all.

As per usual from Kairosoft, a fun and enjoyable game. However, the premium currency, Coins, really put a damper on things, unlike their other games. You earn them at a significantly slow rate, which means you progress a lot slower unless you buy a large amount, and they are expensive. Other than that, it’s a fun game. Incredibly enjoyable and super cute!

Great Game Play, but somehow I dunno how to upgrade my staff. Cannot find necessary items in game.

I enjoy this game a lot. Its not overly confusing, the graphics are cute, I like the “battle” sequence while making a game. I personally think certain parts take a long time, like coming up with ideas to create a game, or upgrading the game cards to make them unlimited. I get it though, its a free game. Coins could be slightly easier to get though.

this game comes without a proper set of tutorial. it doesn’t tell you exactly what you have to do in order to advance further. you have to figure most of the stuff out on your own and it takes time. buttons are all over the place, navigation is confusing sometimes. if this game sets a proper tutorial and not just let you loose in the wild i think it can be a really fun and entertaining game.

It’s VERY slow paced compared to the latest titles, and the need of friends and Kairo Land (which I can’t download because of memory issues). I’ve accepted that I’ll only have two floors on my company, and I may never have real meetings, because of the lack of medals. I just like the subject of the game, and that’s why I’m giving two stars. Few game managing games are done, most of them are idle games.

Bugs fixed! So excited to play again! Has been extremely fun but now after unlocking own development it freezes as soon as I start playing and makes it unplayable. They fixed the last freezing issue so hopefully they’ll fix this one too soon. Edit: it’s been a week and still completely unplayable. It goes through login rewards then completely freezes. Please update and fix. I enjoyed this game until now. Update has not fixed it. Game still frozen upon playing.

I enjoy the banter between the adorably designed characters but earning some items through watching commercials would be nice than having to download 5 different games just to play those in order to gain more resources to get back to this one and play better. Financially struggling people want to play your stuff too! In short : fun but has inconveniences. In closing: Thank you for creating things.

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