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Solitaire 3D: Solitaire Game for Classic Card Game Lovers.

Solitaire 3D is the perfect modern take on the classic Solitaire card game. With stunning 3D graphics, customizable settings, and addictive gameplay, this game will keep you entertained for hours on end. It offers the traditional Solitaire gameplay with full undo and redo history, automatic animations, and custom settings.

You’ve got a full set of 52 cards – show us how you can master klondike solitaire!

Playing 3D cards is simple, yet challenging. The game requires players to drag cards onto any card of the opposite suite and of one greater value. With multiple rounds to play, players must flip face-down cards from the stack or deck into play and move Aces into the suite stacks and Kings to empty card stacks to complete the game. Playing cards has never been more exciting!

But what sets Solitaire 3D apart from other Solitaire games is its stunning visuals. The game boasts immersive 3D graphics, that is with depth perception and true size perspective of the cards as they fly about. It also provides options for customizable speed, motion blur, shadows, colored highlights, automatic play and completion. It has interactive hints showing all the possible moves in the sequence of most likely to solve the game to least likely. The solution for all rated classic card games are provided free and can be animated, or stepped through allowing you to interrupt and continue. You can choose to play with normal or Vegas scoring, offering an authentic card game experience.

What else could you possibly want from an offline card puzzle game? Solitaire addiction is already knocking at your door! 52 cards and a great mood are waiting for you.

Solitaire 3D allows for a fully customizable experience, not just with the card face but also with the background and deck backing. Play classic solitaire but choose from a variety of preset backgrounds or create your own using personalimages taken with your camera or downloaded from the Internet. And, for added personalization, the back of the deck can also be customized in the same way, allowing you to truly make the game your own. With the ability to make Solitaire 3D your own unique creation, you’ll never tire of playing the game.

If you are enjoying solo card games, you are in the right place. Not only is Solitaire 3D visually stunning, but it also challenges your logic skills with fun brain teasers of varying difficulty levels, making the game even more addictive and enjoyable.

One of the standout features of this offline card puzzle game is the leaderboard, which tracks the highest scores for both 1 and 3 card deals for standard and Vegas scoring. This means you can challenge yourself to get the highest score and compete with others to see where you rank on the leaderboard.

With Solitaire 3D, you can take the classic brain teaser with you wherever you go. Whether you’re commuting to work, waiting for an appointment, or simply relaxing at home, Solitaire 3D is the perfect game to keep your mind sharp and entertained. The game is available on a variety of devices and can be downloaded on the Google Play Store. So, what are you waiting for? Download Solitaire 3D today and experience klondike solitaire game with stunning graphics and challenging goals.

It has to be said, Solitaire 3D is a Solitaire game for classic card game lovers. Its customizable features, stunning graphics, and addictive gameplay offer a gaming experience like never before. So, download this free and fun solitaire card game today and immerse yourself in the ultimate Solitaire experience!

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Solitaire 3D user reviews :

This is the only soltaire game I ever play, but lately every time I finish a game the volume always goes all the way down and I have to turn it back up on the next deal. This has happened on two different phones. Other than that, no problems. Edit: Thanks, devs, but no biggie. I don’t miss the “Yay!” that much. Thanks for your quick response though. Edit edit: Not purposely using any ad blockers

Back to 5 stars! Volume changes did the trick. Old review — I played this all the time with the volume way down so I dont bother others but now these really annoying full screen ads pop up with the volume blasting. I will be looking for a different game now unless you get rid of them!

  • Hi mate, thanks for giving me a second chance – I really appreciate that :) Sorry it took a while to fix though – but also please feel free to email me if you notice anything else not behaving as it should – I always do my best to make it work!!
Would like a timer on games. I always like to try to beat my best time.
  • Jawfin Developments
  • A marvelous idea! I’ll do this next chance I have to work on the app. Where do you think it should go, above the score? If you’re happy to offer ideas about this please email me at Cheers :)
Alley I love this game. Thank you.
  • Jawfin Developments
  • Much appreciated :) Cheers
This game rocks I love this game.
  • Jawfin Developments
  • Awesome! Thanks :)
Solitaire 3D Simply the best! Better than all the rest. Thank you!
  • Jawfin Developments
  • Thank you very much, warms the heart that does :) Edit: Haha, re-reading this I just realised they are lyrics to Tina Turner’s song…Boy I’m slow!!

Am so inlove with this game thanks

  • Jawfin Developments
  • Thank you so much :) If you’d like to tell me how it can be 5 stars for you too I’d love to hear it! I always think the nice comments should help raise the star average of the game, not lower it haha!

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