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[Game] Solitaire Cafe Design and Decor

Solitaire Cafe Design and DecorUnleash your inner designer with “Solitaire Café” game. Aces, Kings, Queens, and Jacks are all at your command.

Clear each deck, pave your path to victory, and win fabulous rewards. Be the solitaire champion you always knew you could be!

Step into the captivating world of “Solitaire Café” a game where skill, strategy, and design come together in an exhilarating blend. Your journey begins with a deck of cards and a dream to build the most popular cafés in the city.

A solitaire game like no other
In “Solitaire Café” you’ll navigate through engaging levels of the classic solitaire game. Challenge your strategic skills as you unravel the deck to reveal the cards you need to win. Each victory brings you coins and brings you one step closer to realizing your café dreams.

Design unique rooms
Unlock new areas as you ascend in your solitaire journey. Ever dreamt of decorating an Italian café, buzzing with the aroma of fresh espresso? Or choose a jukebox in a retro café to listen to the pretty old melodies? Or how about a bakery serving mouth-watering pastries? Play solitaire, and design rooms to your heart’s content!

Features of “Solitaire Café”:
1. Numerous Solitaire Levels: With a multitude of solitaire levels, each one more challenging than the last, there’s never a dull moment.
2. Diverse Café Themes: Choose from various café themes – Italian, retro, bakery, and more.
3. Customizable Interiors: Use your coins to personalize your café with different decor and furniture.
4. Rewarding Progress: The more you win, the more coins you earn to invest in your cafés.
5. Engaging Challenges: Special tasks and challenges keep the game fresh and exciting.

Unforgettable gaming experience
As you flip, shuffle and strategically arrange your cards in this thrilling solitaire adventure, remember, every move counts. Try to play classical solitaire card game like a Pyramid, Spider and even TriPeaks!

Play in “Solitaire Café” for more fun, challenge, and café-themed humor. So why the hold-up? Dive and play into this exciting solitaire adventure where the stakes are high and the coffee’s hot!

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Solitaire Cafe Design and Decor user reviews :

Love the story, design, and idea of this game, but it’s SO HARD to beat levels! If you spend gems, you still can’t beat the levels. You should be adding different power-ups like one that will get rid of your last card and one that collects all visible cards of a color. Power-ups should also be able to be earned by watching an ad. I will probably be uninstalling which is sad because this game has potential. Please fix!!!

You get ads every time and its impossible to progress without spending money. Cannot recommend. The idea is nice, the way the game is now is not.

Fun game to play. The only thing I would say to change would be the amount you earn from doing the cards shouldn’t be so low if the decorating costs are so high. That is going to make people get bored with the game eventually.

Fun game at the beginning but unable to pass through lv45. Tried to used ads for booster and even used all boosters in lv45 but still unable to pass through. Lost interest after tried for so long. Uninstalled now… bye

Well this is an interesting game do you know if you want a restaurant you have to really fix it the way you want it and that way it can be very considerable for people to see also to enjoy so I like it

It starts out easy enough, and then it gets difficult because they want you spend money. Some games I have played a year without spending money.

Works well on my phone and tablet. Alot of fun so far. It is early in the game.

Fun and relaxing. I enjoyed it very much!! Try it you will like it.

surprised but it’s rather a lot of fun. games are fun to play and the restraunt part as well.

Liked it which I love to play solitaire games and this one I know that I will keep on playing

Fun so far…haven’t had enough playing time to judge it changes as you go

so far so good just starting play enjoy solitaire my favorite card game.

Good game. Cute graphics, game plays well, no ads, just a few pop-ups (and they’re not bothersome). A couple of suggestions that would make it better…being able to play the next level without having to go back to the main screen, and being able to change your decorations.

Love these games makes solitaire more exciting like designing things graphics good

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