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[Game] Solitaire Card and Luxury Design

Solitaire Card and Luxury DesignWelcome to the Solitaire Card & Luxury Design – the most luxurious game.

Do you appreciate lavish ways of living? Have you ever dreamt of becoming a respectable home designer for the elite?

Here you will be given an exciting chance to work as a designer specialist for the riches – renovate and decorate houses. But do not forget that your customers have expensive tastes and it is quite challenging to surprise them.

All of the characters need their locations renovation. Meet the Arab guy, who wants to decorate his own plane for showing off. Help the English lady to repair the old bedroom in her luxurious manor. Take the quest from the Indian man, who is wishing to create the exclusive airport for businessmen.

This game is the best option to relax and to train your attention and strategy skills with classic card puzzles. Supplemented with the entertaining gameplay and storytelling behind, “Solitaire Card & Luxury Design” will become the place you want to return to.

In case you never played simple solitaire games, we suggest the easy to understand and addictive gaming process. This is also an absolutely different experience for those who have already tried the great variety of this card game: simple layout and deluxe ones such as pyramid, tri-peaks, spider.

Get prestigious requests by your future customers;
Enjoy the classic solitaire game and deluxe ones (pyramid, tri-peaks, spider);
Follow the magnificent story;
Interact with exclusive characters;
Get daily bonuses and boosters to explore extra locations and speed up the progress;
Try designing the variety of fascinating locations.

Take the most interesting designing cases and leave your special customers delighted by your work! Renovate and design dream houses. Solve solitaire puzzles and master your playing skills in this card game!

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Solitaire Card and Luxury Design user reviews :

I’ve only started but I’m enjoying it so far. It has nice choices to decorate with. No ads have popped up and I’m on the 5th level. The card game is fun. Even if you make the wrong choice it manages to covers it. Anxious to get to higher levels.

I just started playing not even ten minutes ago and already am being asked to rate. When I have played long enough to actually determine if I truly like the game then I’ll edit this. I don’t like being asked to rate before Eve. Having played an hour.

Go back to many games that have reviews and when you come across my review you will find that I have uninstalled a lot of games simply because they have a vault or some such container that most of your hard earned points go in!!!!!! I was enjoying this game untill I came across the vault,therefore I uninstalled it.

Excellent music, you can play the cards while dancing. Sof jazz bossa. Wish more games had these beautiful soundtracks

So far I haven’t gotten far enough to start decorating. I’m hoping it is as challenging as can be. My preference is always the hard one’s.

Its a wonderful game I love the decorating part of the game it is so much fun, and dont forget solitaire the most classic game ever I’m enjoying myself thank you!

Nice graphics but the developers become greedy too soon. There is no way to win a game without buying diamonds .. I will unistall this one.

The game is wonderful and easy to play..the graphs are fantastic and the story wonderful.

Fast, fun, and requires skills not only in Solitaire but also in design.

Only on level 5 but so far I really like the game and storyline….will update again after playing more.

It’s interesting to see the parallel between this story and the true story of the late queen of England. The play itself is somewhat different than usual and lots of fun.

Really enjoying playing this game, been on it for a few while and so far no adds which is quite unusual for a free game. Well done Solitaire.

give you two stars is because it takes so long to do the tasks it’s to pick to do anything this take the diamonds that you work hard put in a box makes you pay for them to get

I love this I play another one like this when you get far in it it could be a challenge

Very exciting game I love the twist they added to the game Solitaire it’s not boring anymore

Simply addictive game to play lot’s of fun games to play awesome game.

I like playing this game it does not have a ad’s . Relaxing game to play.

Started playing I don’t know just yet aren’t you sick of having other rhythms the same game over and over but

Great game so far. No ads yet although I’ve just started

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