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Solitaire HappibitsSolitaire is a creative classic card game (also known as Klondike or Patience) with a garden theme.

You can play it for free and without Internet connection. Here you can play card games to keep your brain sharp and decorate your own garden. There will be so much fun. Enjoy this exquisite Garden-Themed card game to relax!

Classic Card Games with Breathtaking Garden-Themed Scenes
More than a classic solitaire game (also known as Klondike or Patience), our game features many picturesque garden-themed scenes. You can choose your favorite from various styles of decorations for your own garden.

A Classic Card Game with Adorable Animals
Each garden scene is filled with cute animals, such as the hermit crab, blue peacock, raccoon, etc. All animals look surprisingly realistic with vivid animations. You will surely enjoy their company!

Unique Card Designs and Victory Animations
We provide a rich variety of card backs and card faces, classic or fashionable. Besides, when you complete card games, you can watch cheerful victory animations. All card themes and animations are finely designed, so you’ll find each one worth collecting. These collectibles can be obtained by completing card games and participating in events.

Thousands of Challenges
Apart from classic Klondike or Patience games, there are plenty of challenging card games. Complete daily challenges to train your brain and earn shiny medals. The more you complete, the more medals and rewards you’ll get!

Extra Rewards from the Events
We often hold exciting in-game events, such as Beach Party, Speed Mania, and Jigsaw Master. Events will offer you tons of coins and exclusive decorations. You don’t want to miss them.

Left-Handed Mode
To provide the best gaming experience to millions of players around the world, we offer multiple language options, as well as left-handed and right-handed modes. You can switch between different languages and modes at any time!

There’re more interesting features in the game to explore!

If you love Patience or Klondike solitaire games or enjoy decorating gardens, you should never miss this GREAT classic solitaire game. Challenge your brain and share it with family and friends. Download this classic solitaire game to your mobile device NOW!

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Solitaire Happibits user reviews :

I’d rate it higher unfortunately I keep waiting for a new area to upgrade but I’m getting frustrated as I’ve accumulated thousands of coins and have nowhere to use them

I thought this game was really cute. I love solitaire games and kept seeing an ad for this game on other games. Enjoyed it however until the ads started popping up in the middle of a hand and would not let me close out the ad so I lose all of the progress I had prior to the ad popping up.

I have almost the same opinion as everyone else when it comes to this game. Solitaire Garden is fun and cute. But seems like it takes forever to get new upgrades/prizes such as card faces and card backgrounds. I made it to level 50 and only got 15 out of 52 new card faces. What kind of stuff is that? It’s still a good game though.

  • Thanks for your feedback. We will continuously improve the gaming experience in later versions. What’s more, we’re looking forward to your continued support.

I decided to rate the game based on the ads. It’s insane that they show an ad that you can’t back out of and have to close the game to get rid of the ad. I’m only on Google play now bcus the stupid game brought me here and wouldn’t let me back out.

  • Thanks for your feedback. And sorry to make this inconvenient. We’d like to fix this problem for you, could you email us the screenshots for the related ads when it shows up again? And they will help us a lot to solve the problem. What’s more, we’re looking forward to your continued support!

Can you please remove the Facebook ad or at least make it so I can exit the ad once it’s finished playing the video I have to completely exit the game to remove it every time I get in a hand it pops back up and it’s very frustrating

Each game is totally unique. It’s fun adding furniture and accessories to the sets. I also like the competition aspect of it.

  • Thanks & Enjoy our Solitaire Garden. Train your brain with the fun & challenging classic solitaire card games free!

Very different from the other one’s it doesn’t have a lot of ads, graphics are good and it’s really a nice and smooth relaxing solitaire game you won’t be disappointed

  • Enjoy! What’s more, we’re looking forward to your continued support. Thanks a lot.

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