Solitaire Harvest Journey – Help her take care of the farm

[Game] Solitaire Harvest Journey

Solitaire Harvest Journey

Welcome to Solitaire Card- Harvest Journey!

Do you know how to harvest various crops ?
Do you know how to go through levels in Nina’s farm and help her take care of the farm?
Start the Solitaire Card-Harvest Journey with Nina & Louis !

Nina is not good at managing farms, but Nina’s parents are too busy to manage farms. Can Nina take care of the farm by herself? Can she become a qualified manager? She definitely needs your help!

Solitaire Card- Harvest Journey is an addictive card solitaire game, which combines the classic game of card solitaire & simulation game of harvesting crops. It not only has exquisite scene design, but also has wonderful game fun. Playing games all the time can unlock new scenes. In this Farm theme solitaire puzzle game, where the fun is:

 Challenge hundreds of challenging solitaire puzzles.

Grow dozens of wonderful crops and unlock mysterious levels.
Harvest corn from your farm by solving solitaire puzzles!
Collect delicate card skins.

Delicate graphics and comfortable farm theme.

 -Hundreds of fun levels, with more in new editions.
Powerful game props, Wild card or Smart card, which one do you prefer?
Easy to operate and gain pleasure but not so easy to master.

Go on a harvest adventure game in Solitaire Card – Harvest Journey world. Download and Enjoy the most attractive Solitaire Card – Farm Journey strategy card games!

Solitaire Harvest Journey user reviews :

There no challenge in this game at all. U win every single game. The whole purpose of any game is to lose once in a while so u can hope to win, but not every game that’s no fun. Does this game get hard at all or do u just win all the time. This is no fun at all!!! It give it a 5 if there was any challenge in it.

Good game but way too many ads. You can watch one to double your reward or skip it, but even if you choose to skip the ad and just collect your reward it still shows an ad.

This Game Are “FAR TO MUCH BLOODLY ads. What a mess ads. Too much data. Sorry I don’t like it this kind of ads. I do love it but too much ads. Making too much data background. Hard to to clear the data. Please remove the ads.

I have been playing this game for hours. i am 76 years old And it’s late i should be going to bed but l’m having too much fun . great game.

It’s a good professional masterpiece. It’s not very complicated in the form of professional software. It’s inexplicably attractive to continue to use

It would be a lot better if you take off automatically putting a check in the box for each time you harvest.taking off the automatic check mark every time I harvest is annoying.

I started the game today because I deleted a different one because it froze non stop kicked me out.

it’s awesome lotz of levels its solitaire plus you build your farm also.. so yuppers definitely fun!!

Wouldn’t upload correctly. Came on & froze at 99% then shut off.

  • Hello sir, Could you please provide your userID with us and we will do our best to check the problem you met. Please send you userID to zzh.blake888[at]

love the game but don’t like all the ads

love the game but can’t log into Facebook

Good game but I can’t get on Facebook so I can play with friends

I love this game it’s fair and it gives you bonuses I love it

loving it so far sometimes it’s double it up

One of the best solitaire games ever.

Awesome Game! I Enjoy playing this. Thanks!

Love the game. I feel that the developer want everyone to enjoy playing this game.

really different kind of play nice work hooked in from start

This is a fun game I have never ran out of coins

I’m enjoying this game very much. Not too many y adds.

Really great card game very relaxing 2 play

really awesome to play this game. Fun ,fun ,fun.

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Game was Removed from Play Store

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