Solitaire Magic Story – Beautiful and mysterious places in a magic world

[Game] Solitaire Magic Story

Solitaire Magic StorySolitaire Magic Story : Welcome to the amazing magical world of solitaire!

Here you can make yourself at home, playing layouts on a tavern table by the fireside, or in the shade of an oak tree by a majestic rushing waterfall. Your fairy helper will guide you through this magical world full of mystery and ancient secrets.

Magic World Solitaire is the classic solitaire you love in an exciting new world. The card game’s simple rules will help first-timers get the hang of things fast, and different challenges in the adventure ahead will keep seasoned players on their toes. But don’t worry, your fairy helper will show you which magical powers to use to get out of even the toughest pinch.

What makes this game so great?

Hundreds of fun layouts
Beautiful and mysterious places in a magic world
Different game challenges
A warm, fun adventure game atmosphere

This beloved card game is perfect for everyone. We hope you enjoy your time in Magic World Solitaire! Download now on your phone or tablet!

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Solitaire Magic Story user reviews :

So far so good. Only ads if required, good. Beautiful images good, however would be nice to add mini games and/or design aspects.

  • Thank you for downloading our app! We will keep working on it!

I love this game. Would give 5 stars BUT the Wordscapes ad AUTOMATICALLY downloads the game without permission if I accidentally click anywhere but the microscopic X. Every other ad takes me to the download screen, but not this one. I will NEVER play Wordscapes because of this and it makes me want to uninstall Magic Story of Solitaire, which is a shame because it’s a great game otherwise.

  • Thank you very much for your review concerning our game. We are always collecting user feedback and emails that we can apply with updates.

I downloaded this game app on to my phone thinking that since I have it on my tablet that I should be able to have everything score and all that wise and that is not the case for which I now have to start all the way over again YAY ME WEEEEEE and no it’s not a laughing matter to me but hay what can one do

Fantastic game. Really enjoying it. Relaxing and a lot of bosters to help you get through. Like the queen, makes the game even more fun. Graphics are great and love the scenery. Solitaire made fun. I am back playing, this the best solitare game. Tried others and found this was relaxing and fun. The Queen makes it even better. Always smiling, friendly and gives you confidence.
  • Rainbow Games LLc
  • Thank you for your review!
I come back to this Solitaire tripeaks game again and again. It is beautiful, moving, music is soothing, and certainly highest quality. The graphics are amazing! I wish the gameplay was a bit quicker, though. You can get rid of all ads by a small purchase, so that is a plus. Not many games of this quality!
  • Rainbow Games LLc
  • Thank you for your review! if you could say more details about ” I wish the gameplay was a bit quicker” maybe we can change it to meet your expectations.
Entirely too many ads. After every single hand and sometimes interrupts the game for a 30-45 second ad that you cannot get out of, unless you back out of the game, then go back into it. Takes all the fun away. Developers say you can take away ads by making an in app purchase…where and why? It’s supposed to be a free game! Why force us to pay for unnecessary junk by plying us with massive ads. You are just making people mad and giving you bad reviews.
  • Rainbow Games LLc
  • Hi, you can remove Ads by in-app purchase.

a good game you get a free bouns game daily easy levels to start with but progressively gets harder few small things is the ads u can’t close them as usual soding ads update the devolpers have now made the ads built in the game and ads will still play even if offline the sneaky sods the wait time on heart refill 30 mins to wait is a little long how you get coins is a bit hard game wants u to pay but u just press X button and that’s it it does not keep bothing u overall a good game.!!!!!

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