Solitaire Ocean Adventure – Enjoy the ocean adventure world

[Game] Solitaire Ocean Adventure

Solitaire Ocean Adventure

Welcome to the world of Solitaire Ocean Adventure!

Tired of the classic Solitaire and the traditional Tripeak Solitaire game?
Don’t worry! We have created a new Solitaire Ocean Adventure game for you and you can enjoy it right now!

Play Solitaire Ocean Adventure & win extra coins – New bonuses everyday!
Compete & win levels on the go – Play & win wherever you are.
Free & fun bonuses are waiting for you – Discover them today!
Win & compete – Play & compare scores with friends or compete against yourself.
Fun & free to play – There’s no charge when you want to play Solitaire Ocean Adventure.

In the game, you can not only enjoy the fun of the card game, but also enjoy the ocean adventure world!

Eliminate the gold cards to save the fish in the game and become a hero of the ocean world right now!

New gameplay, free games
Simple game rules, easy operation
Many kinds of obstacles, challenging level
There are many props to help you complete the level
Daily login can receive rich rewards
Play anytime, anywhere, easy to play
Fresh and lovely picture, smooth operation experience
Become a fish hero by eliminating gold cards to save the fish

Download today to start earning points and begin your exciting adventure with Solitaire Ocean Adventure today!

Solitaire Ocean Adventure user reviews :

PLEASE fix the bugs. EVERY time you do an update it messes up the video ads that you can watch in order to recieve free items/spins. You tap on it to watch & it does nothing. I’ve also lost out on double rewards a few times bc the video wouldn’t play. UPDATE: Getting better. Still having some issues with videos. Hope you can get it fixed. Thank-you for your quick response & for addressing the issue.

  • Thanks for your feedback. I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble with the game. We will let our dev team know and fix it. Thanks!

At first I really loved it but soon realized the levels are geared to make you watch ads or spend your coins to win a game. I don’t mind a challege but when you consistently have to watch a video or spend your coins for extra cards on practically every level it grows tiresome. I have uninstalled it and don’t recommend it unless you like watching lots and lots of ads! Sorry guys but it was frustrating!

It has to too many ads and the ads have ads where do they do that at????? And I feel like I’m being held hostage to a game and when you switch phones you have to start back at the beginning it’s very annoying!!!! That’s why I dropped 3 stars

Whats the point? There doesnt seem to be any levels. You just play game after game, after game. You dont even have to win each game to move on to the next. So theres no challenge. If i lose, i can still advance to the next game. So its just something to do with your hands i guess. Question: Why do you have ads to purchase Boosters, ect..? If players can keep advancing without winning each game, who needs boosters? Im just say’n..

  • Hi, that was issue we just found. And it just fixed in latest version. So please update latest version. Have fun!

It was a great game until they added an ad between EVERY game in addition to the ads to get wild cards and free rounds. I understand revenue has to be made, but good grief. I have to sit for 5 seconds thru an ad before I can skip it after EVERY game I play? Win or lose. Uninstalling.

so far its a good game good time waster and to this point the right amount of challenge for me. the only complaint i have is i cant tell what the booster cards do. should be able to touch one and see what the benefit is instead of having to guessnor just willy nilly pick one. overall good game. recommend. 5 star rating but i will change it later if need be.

I’ve just recently downloaded this game and so far the experience has been pretty good. I’ve been on other solitaire games and you would think that they must have a lot to lose cuz it’s hard to really win a hand or their point system is too skimpy to get anywhere but so far this game is quite all right I must admit.

  • Thank you very much for your review concerning our game. We are always collecting user feedback and emails that we can apply with updates.

Great game so far, just started playing. Not too difficult yet can manage 2/3 stars though have to replay some games to get 2 stsrs but it is challenging and I like that. If it was too easy, it would be boring

  • Thank you very much for your review concerning our game. We are always collecting user feedback and emails that we can apply with updates.

It is a good game with very nice graphics. My only complaint so far, I wish you dont lose your coins on every level, which makes you purchase when cant afford to.

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