Spider Solitaire – Train your brain and practice your focus

[Game] Spider Solitaire

Spider Solitaire

Spider Solitaire combines the original rules of one of the most popular classic card games with a set of exciting features.

Enjoy a whole new experience with your favorite game, brought to you by the game experts of a top developer! Challenge your mind by playing classic spider solitaire, reach higher stages with every consecutive win and beat your high score!

Spider Solitaire highlights:

Classic spider solitaire gameplay
Stack the cards of a suit in descending order (from King to Ace) to solve solitaire spider games. Adjust the solitaire difficulty level by playing with 1, 2 or 4 suits.

Keep your mind active
Train your brain and practice your focus and patience to reach higher stages and earn as many points as you can. Complete daily challenges and seasonal events playing classic spider solitaire.

Relax and unwind
Flip the switch from the daily grind to a relaxing pastime with free spider solitaire. Play card games during your breaks or after a long work day wherever you are on your mobile device. Become a spider solitaire master!

Spider Solitaire features:

Various difficulty levels
Choose the number of suits – 1, 2 or 4 – to adjust the spider-solitaire card game to your experience and have as much fun as you want.

Master your strategy to win classic spider solitaire games, move to higher stages and beat your best score! The higher the stage you reach, the more points you get for moving the cards correctly.

Seasonal Events
Reveal unique pictures while playing solitaire card games of several difficulty levels. Play free Spider Solitaire, complete Seasonal Events and build your own collection of specially crafted postcards!

Daily Challenges
Earn trophies every month by playing spider solitaire challenges every day.

Customizable cards and backgrounds
Choose from a variety of themes to help you keep focused and enjoy free spider solitare games.

Hints and undos
Made a wrong move or unsure what to do in a spider solitaire game? Smart Hints and Undos will have you covered!

Simple tap or drag controls
Enjoy the smooth spider solitaire experience by simply tapping or dragging cards.

Continue playing classic spider solitaire for free where you left off.

Left-hand mode
A special interface for left-handed people to comfortably play spider solitaire card games for free!

Train your brain and have limitless fun on the way to beating your high score in Spider Solitaire!

Spider Solitaire user reviews :

I’ve had a ton of fun with this game, and it’s easy to lose yourself for a couple of hours on it. That being said, there are a two issues that, if addressed, would make this a 5/5. 1.) Being unable to get out of a “no more moves” using an undo. Turns a possible stage complete into a game over because of one bad move. 2.) Inter-stage advertisements. I understand advertisements, but it can cut into the game flow and cause frustration.

  • Hi there! Thank you so much for your detailed review and valuable suggestions! Easybrain puts users’ happiness ahead of any other interests and concerns. So we’ll definitely consider making it possible to undo moves if there are no moves available and try to strike a better balance between ads and gaming,

Solid game, a few small issues I have though. It’s a little annoying when you’ve completed a set and the cards are moving to their final spot, you have no choice but to wait. My main problem is the ads. I don’t mind watching ads and I don’t think they interupt the game too much. But most of the time the ads don’t properly fit the screen so you can’t just X out of them, you have to close the app and try again and again. I’ve done it 10 times in a row trying to charge undos. Really frustrating.

  • Hi Tara! We are sorry to hear that you are so troubled by ads. If you are unable to skip them 5 seconds after starting, please take a screenshot of this ad and send it to us via the Help section in the settings of the app.

Negatives: if a full house is completed before an automatic ad break at 4mins(ish), it can freeze and requires more moves to unlock. The deck of cards isn’t reshuffled when restarting, so it’s easy to memorise the order that the cards are dealt. Positives: easy to play & relax into. No “diamonds” to collect rewards. The postcard events gives good variety. Development Opportunity: whilst there is personalisation, it would be good alternative to use collected postcards as a background too.

Honestly? Love app. Love the mechanics. None of those annoying, aneurysm causing advertisements. No NSFL advertisements either. I’ve spent hours working on the daily challenges, and I love it. My one and only complaint? Remove the advertisement that requires you to press “Next” every 10 seconds. Not only is it just generally painful to sit through three pages of politics. But it also Doesn’t even Give you the reward for sitting through it. Once it’s gone, I’ll turn it to 5 stars.

  • Hi James! Thank you so much for the input! Easybrain puts users’ happiness ahead of any other interests and concerns. We’ll do our best to improve our ads in accordance with your request. Should you have any other ideas or questions, you’re most welcome to contact us via the Help section in the settings of the app.

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