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[Game] Solo Leveling Arise

Solo Leveling AriseThe brand-new hunter Meilin Fisher is here, with a kitty friend and kitty aesthetic!

Almighty Shaman Kargalgan’s Shadow Soldier form “Tusk” can now be recruited!
Join forces with this adventurous catgirl and magic-wielding orc to tackle the new Vulcan Raid!

Get a Legendary Artifact Set + Sung Jinwoo’s Black Suit costume just by playing the game! The adaptation of the webtoon with 14.3 billion views is playable NOW!
Play Solo Leveling:ARISE!

The action-packed webtoon comes to life with amazing graphics!
Play as Jinwoo and experience every moment of his climb from the Weakest Hunter of All Mankind to the world’s strongest hunter!

Experience the webtoon’s story – and discover brand new exclusive stories!

Play strategically with swappable equipment and skills!
Watch your combat style evolve based on your choices!

Dodge with Extreme Evasion, and then strike a killing blow with a perfectly timed QTE skill!

Play as the top hunters from the original story!
All your webtoon favorites are here, including:
Ultimate Hunter Choi Jong-In, Beastly Baek Yoonho, and the unparalleled Cha Hae-In!

Combine different hunters, abilities, and tactics and form your ultimate team!

Challenge dangerous dungeons and defeat powerful bosses!
As you grow stronger, so do the gates!
Form your teams, apply your strategies, clear the gates, and obtain rewards!

Tackle an array of different game modes, including massive dungeon raids, boss replays, and Time Attack content where every second counts!

Become the Monarch of Shadows and recruit your army!
Command squads of loyal Shadow Soldiers by extracting the shadows of monsters you have defeated and recruiting them as your new allies!

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Payment is made automatically every month from the first payment date until you cancel the subscription, and your Google Play account will also be charged when the monthly subscription is renewed.

Users can cancel the subscription through their Google Play account settings, and if they don’t cancel their subscription 24 hours before the next payment date, their subscription may be automatically renewed.

(*The subscription cancellation policy is based on the marketplace cancellation policy.)

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Solo Leveling Arise user reviews :

Fantastic game, once you get passed all the loading screens…and nearly every button press or interaction leads to a loading screen. I’m not sure if I should leave it at 4 stars because thats really the only downside, or shift it to two stars because of how annoying the issue really is. With that being said, if loading screens don’t bother you, you’ll love it.

I have barely scratched the game. Graphics looks great and the storyline is intriguing and pulls you in. However… The bugs!!! I have had to restart the game three times within 5 minutes of “playing” (mostly watching scenes that explain the game) and then I get a black screen. I hope they fix the issue because it seems like a nice game.

I’m enjoying the game, but I’m going to have to stop. The constant loading after EVERY screen not only takes me out of the game but will often freeze the game in loading for several minutes at a time. Maybe I’ll pick it up again later when the bugs are fixed, but guessing from the sheer amount of reviews citing the loading screens as a persistent problem, I doubt I’ll return since that issue doesn’t seem to be priority.

ok, so I waited to review this until after an update. the game is good. but the glaring thing about it is the constant loading that happens after every interaction. even after the update which was over 1 gig didn’t fix the issue. I think I’ll be uninstalling it until it’s fixed. annoying. well the newest update still didn’t fix the constant loading circle. so annoying. please fix. not worth playing if you have to wait every few seconds for the loading circle.

the tutorial literally has no free will, have to do so much now once the tutorial’s over since it doesn’t let you do ANYTHING OUTSIDE OF IT UNTIL YOU’RE DONE. just wondering, why does the screen keep turning black after every cutscene? it gets annoying very fast having to restart the game every minute, including the fact that there is a lot of cutscenes.

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