Super Marionette Hero – The comical journey of the wooden puppet

[Game] Super Marionette Hero

Super Marionette HeroOur hero Marionette has been turned back into a wooden puppet by a witch.

Can he defeat the witch and become human again??
The magical adventure of Super Marionette’s second wooden life begins now!

The comical journey of the wooden puppet growing into a hero

A fantastic fairy tale journey that starts at your fingertips
The emergence of a hero that no one could have predicted!
Join the comical quest of the Super Marionette Hero!

Cut, fight, and grow!
Be careful not to let the Hero’s nose grow too long!
Cutting his nose increases his combat power and provides material that can be exchanged for items!

Super Marionette’s splendid action with four types of weapons
Bone-crushing clubs! Unerring bows! Unbreakable swords! Versatile staffs!
Experience he’s powerful action demolishing monsters in an instant as he switches between weapons!

Endless transformations of Super Marionette Hero
Super Marionette’s wardrobe is always open.
Acquire various outfits for Pinocchio that provide special abilities!

Super Marionette’s never-ending adventure!
Even while you sleep, our Marionette Hero’s adventure continues.
When you wake up, collect the numerous rewards that our Marionette Hero has accumulated!

Super Marionette Hero user reviews :

It’s good but not the best thing ever I somehow got a glitch that made it Impossible to complete the quest and it didn’t do the thing it was supposed to when I clicked on it but EVERY OTHER ONE worked (maybe it was the fact that the wi-fi was “unstable” EVEN THOUGH IT WAS JUST THE GAME BEING COMPLETELY WRONG)

At first, it works but when i relogged in, i cant touch anything. I saved though which i have all my progress but i cant touch anything yet, it still plays normally. This is the bug that works for me. Ill leave this 3 stars because its new. But fix it please

It won’t even start, it runs about 10 – 20 seconds then it quits working. It can’t get past the opening so I never got to try the game I uninstalled and reinstalled but it still didn’t work

Still launch day, I know! However, when the game is finished loading, it asks me to update the app and leads me to a webpage that is in Korean, and I can’t use the browser’s translator to understand anything on it, even though here on the Playstore the app is already updated

Kinda boring. Not too into idle games. And they do not give you an option to stop the notification to watch ads. That is why I really do not like it. Having to constantly stare at the little exclamation point annoys me. So uninstalled.

I’m not one to give 5 stars but so far this game is great…the game play is great love the graphics. Music I wonderful as well

Pretty decent idle game, but the tutorial handholding is a little excessive, not gonna lie.

It’s a great game in looks and in well everything the art is sooo good and I just can’t stop dudes.. lol.

Can’t even enter the game, I’m just stuck at the loading screen even though it’s Already 100%

Everytime I try to start the game it’s keep out the game even when I have WiFi it’s still kicking out. And don’t get me started when I try go the city place I thought it’s was problem but nope it keeps kicking me out again.

Cool game but way too much going on. Everytime I upgrade a weapon I get a new more powerful weapon. It’s just too much going on.

Love it make a Super Marionette Hero 2

neat art fun game

Playing the game and everytime I collect from the backpack or summon something or upgrade something the little spinner down in the right corner, it keeps spinning, I can’t do anything till it’s done and the screen come up, showing I’ve done whatever, it spins for about 10 mins, then I can play, and there’s alot of collecting, summoning and upgrading in this game, so it’s a lot of those 10 mins waiting everytime, so I’m not even playing, I’m waiting more than playing

Really fun game and great graphics runs pretty smooth

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