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[Game] Soul LandDouluo Continent

Soul LandSoul Land is a unique RPG that offers exciting adventures and epic real-time battles where players can show off their strategic thinking, tactical skills, and fighting styles. Start your adventure right now and explore a fantastic world like no other!

Tang San is one of the most talented disciples of the Tang Sect, a martial arts clan specializing in the use of hidden weapons and arcane arts.

Finding himself in possession of forbidden knowledge, he begins a journey across the Douluo continent, inhabited by dangerous Spirit Beasts, where only the strongest survive. Here, talented individuals from across the world gather at the Academy to be instructed by masters of spiritual powers on the path towards greatness. Armed with a unique gift, Tang San must hone his skills one step at a time, hoping to one day uncover the memories of his past life and claim the mantle of divinity.

Join Tang San on a perilous expedition through the Soul Land, hunt Spirit Beasts, meet the team destined to be known as the Seven Devils, and conquer the Sea God Island. Recruit your favorite characters to form versatile battle squads! Dodge enemy attacks and discover the opponents’ weak spots to defeat them. Master Tang San’s and his friends’ abilities, then awaken new hidden powers! Many obstacles will rise in your way: overcome adversity by proving yourself a master strategist and vanquishing all of your foes.

Soul Land’s key features:

Enjoy real-time battles where you take direct control of your character and lead them to victory. Write your name in the history of this land!

Customize your skills, become a true master of souls, and compete with the best among other players!

Experiment with different teams and character classes to uncover the most potent combinations!

Learn new powers and combine various skills. Conquer every battlefield in your own style!

Challenge mighty enemies and devise strategies for taking down ruthless bosses!

Unite like-minded players under your banner and defeat evil together, then show everyone what true spiritual power looks like!

Employ heroes with unique skill sets, combat dangerous enemies, compete with other players in epic cross-server battles, form a strong guild, rout the most powerful opponents as a team, and then the gods of war will watch over you as you climb to the highest peak of glory!

Soul Land user reviews :

Game was really fun for the first day.. but after that it just freezes and the app crashes after loading resources. I’ve cleared cache, restarted phone, uninstall and reinstall and it’s still the same. It’s a shame, I’ve heard a lot about the franchise but this is a let down.

  • Greetings! We are sorry that you have encountered technical issues. Prior to its release, the game has been tested on a variety of mobile devices, yet we have not heard of this error until now. For us to sort this situation out ASAP, please write an e-mail to support[at] with a detailed description of the problem. Thank you in advance!

Almost 5 stars. It’s comparable to Soul Land Reloaded but it has it’s own flavor and is distinct. It’s like a Final Fantasy MMORPG without the turn-based mechanics. I haven’t played much so I can’t say about it’s control systems if present. It’s grinding content is well made and rewarding. Worth installing. Re-edit. There is a control mechanics disguised as a bug in “War spirit Empath” game function that forces player to use a critical and rare game resource. Fair warning. Also very bad security

  • Greetings, Spirit Master! Thank you for the 5-star rating. We very much appreciate your support. We will make sure to forward your feedback to the game’s development team!

I wish the bugs on this game would be fixed , I’ve wasted some money on this game beacuase of the beautiful grafics and the way the game was built in general But if I can’t even get in the game to play and use what I wasted money on then what’s the point . Please fix these bugs I know I’m not the only one who feels the same way

  • Greetings! We appreciate your feedback and will try to help ASAP! It would be of great help if you describe the problem in greater detail, so please contact us via e-mail: support[at]

Seems to do better now. I can’t say I like there hidden pay wall. I tested using 2 people with the same ring fight there person with more payed in can complete the ring fight no prob other person half way they die. Showing there is a hidden pay wall be warned

  • Thank you for your support and interest to the game, we are very glad! Have a happy journey across Douluo Continent!

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