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[Game] Slime Hunter –  Idle Warrior

Slime HunterNobody’s got time for slow and lagging growth! Slime Hunter: Idle Warrior Story is here to satisfy your desire for a fast, limitless idle RPG!

Hefty rewards for warriors!
Enjoy handsome rewards and rapid character growth without any effort.

Endless journey! Limitless adventure!
Experience endless fun in battles!

Defeat slimes and train your warrior!
Take on an adventure and upgrade your warrior to seek sealed relics.

Become a one-of-a-kind warrior with different skills!
With more than 30 skills, awaken your warrior’s hidden talent.
Get your hands on skills you like based on your battle style.

This game is available in 한국어, English, 中文繁體, ไทย.

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Android – Galaxy S5 (OS 5.0)/RAM 2G

Slime Hunter user reviews :

This game begs you to buy microtransactions. If you opt not to, a message saying something like “are you sure? This could be essential to your progress.” pops up. Why design your game for microtransactions to be essential? There’s also ads around every corner, which takes away from the experience. The menus are always up and take up 2/3 of the screen, leaving your character squished up at the top. Overall, a greedy, poorly thought-out game that you should avoid.

An ad farmer with a calculator attached to it. The game looks interesting and seems to have a lot of mechanics but man so many ads. C2U isn’t a small indie dev an the fact they have to rely on throwing so many ads on the player is really frustrating. The ad free isn’t that expensive but you can’t enjoy the game enough to see if it is worth to go with the free version.

While I do agree with other users about some of the problems in this game, a very big problem with this for me is that if I hold down the upgrade button after leveling up (the area where you use those points) you can sometimes miss out a point or two, it sounds low but when you’re getting 4 points per lvl that can change a lot, I know it’s a bug so that’s why I’m mentioning it here.

Theres a lot of microtransactions all over the place and it drains my battery like crazy. It progresses very fast and leaves very little content to actually enjoy. What little content that does exist is just a few things to upgrade on constant and has very little user engagement. This game is just not enough, but too much at times.

It’s fun for the first couple hours, lots of progress. But the pop ups for ptw packs are constant. The game glitches and freezes on my note 11 plus on performance mode. The idle rewards are wildly off, and the drop rate for materials cannot be correct. 25 idle hours to craft one of the first armor pieces, of which I need 180? Insane. I can’t live like this. Also I have my phone connected to a fast charger and I’m still losing battery percentage. What is this game doing that drains like that?

Server is really slow, maybe if I had a better connection. I don’t usually have problems with games, not even multiplayer. The pacing seems kind of off as well. I don’t find it satisfying getting to level 100 in 5 minutes. Also the tasks tutorial doesn’t really explain much or at all for some tasks. Not my cup of tea.

The most recent update screwed up my progress. I was playing for over two hours and leveled nearly five hundred times, I bought the level 2 surprise package and bought skins. Then the game suddenly says I unlocked master rank but my stats don’t reflect it, so I restart the game and my progress and my purchase disappeared. Please fix this issue.

So far I really like it, I love the simple but unique designs and the crafting. Getting to have basics plus other stats to level up really is great. My only complaint would be that when I first starting trying the Advancement test for the second advancement I was getting one shotted and died instantly. Then I tried spending more coins on my health and attack. But now its doing no damage to me and Idont damage it either. Im a level 1060 and my basic attack is in the 2000s but I still do no damage

i am playing this game for quite a time with many IDs. before there was no issues in making equipment and upgrading skills but now after one year this is showing some quest level thingy where gold,etc things are shown and it’s showing my level 9 and it says i need to put money if i want inventory/ crafting,equipment and skills now i can’t use anything but i think atleast inventory and skills should be unlocked for free i hope u guys can see and please do something about this com2us

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