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Soul Tide Soul Tide is an original title that combines anime girl collection, home simulation, and dungeon exploration. It is set in a fantasy world where witches kindled doom upon the land, and players are destined to turn the tide.

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The character designs and graphics are great. I just can’t enjoy it because the game freezes after I finish a level and is about to continue on the next one. The animation lags, the animation and sound doesn’t sync, and I can’t do anything anymore. I had to exit the game and refresh my phone everytime to get past the freezes after every level. Please fix this. I’ll get back to this after a considerable fixes have been made. Great game plot though! Really interesting and cute dolls!

This game is amazing, very unique, reasons being: 1. With the leveling system, it is really worth it by doing so many tasks in various parts of the feature to actually progress and you play in a quite steady pace 2. In combination of the 1st, the music is relaxing by giving much variety which combines with either the weather or day and night cycle unique to its specific theme which leads to constant replayability(I do hope many more weather patterns with unique music is added upon such as snow).

I personally really like this game and many of it’s mechanics. The level designs are unique, especially compared to other games in the genre. The character designs are also great and very enjoyable. One thing I will criticize tho are the parts outside of the storyline. The game gets very sexual when it explores the world outside of the main story, especially whenever Yannick is on screen. It also puts a very big emphasis on the fact you can date the dolls. I can easily overlook it but other cant

Good f2p game, easy to complete dailies and weeklies for people short on time, but also enjoyable enough to spend time playing. Do wish they will update character bond level as to be able to complete full sequence. Also, having more costumes and costumes being more than cosmetics. Translation is funny but manageable to understand. Like the rotation as it is a it changes weekly so can save up to banner comes around.

Since the new update the game crashes a lot, it was already a problem but has become worse:( It’s a lot of fun but I’d like if it were more stable..

The L2D of some characters in this game is a bit mediocre. However, the role behind all of its characters is very impressive. I really excited everytime watching their Past episodes, it’s kinda dark yet so intriguing to looking forward. Moreover, the gameplay is unique and brings me memories back to 00’s dungeon crawler games.

Great f2p game, although it has been crashing more often in the recent updates please add an option to remove excess effects and the floating texts when you hit an enemy or apply bleed etc. Its a very amazing game but due to its performance issues i might not be able to play this game more often than before.

A charming gacha, I like the story and the characters. Nothing to hard and you can basically steam roll if you wait long enough.

Very fun to play. Lot of nice little puzzle, and a lot of variety. The events are super fun when they run them, and the characters are all pretty lovable. Very nice art style, and the music is not bad. Never really played a game like this before, but feels very rewarding to figure out.

Been playing this game for a long time now and just absolutely fell in love with it. Progression is great with pace, the daily challenges are rewarding towards making your lineup strong and you strong, great cosmetics for the characters, each character has their own personality that makes you love them and want to know more about them (yes I know its a game, shut up, I like them (Lilyiro is waifu)), and the events are very generous as well. Wish I could praise this game more, but I’m at 500

Really kool game but there is wayyy too much going on. Wayy too many things to lvl up and keep up with. The fun aspect kinda gets sucked out of it with all the work that is required. If you like a thousand things to micromanage then absolutely try this.

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