SoulLand – The bravest must prepare to fight

[Game] SoulLand – Clash of Spirimasters

SoulLandThis is a masterpiece of an RPG featuring incredible 3D graphics!
Don’t miss out!

This mysterious world had enjoyed a thousand years of peace and tranquility, until vicious creatures emerged…

They attacked innocent people, slaughtered helpless animals, and cast a dark shadow over the land…

Only Spirimasters who have awakened their magical abilities could subjugate such Spirimons!
The bravest must prepare to fight!

Summon Spirimasters
Over one hundred collectible Spirimaster cards, each with unique abilities!
Build the strongest squad using Spirimasters from five different classes!

Hunt Spirimons
Deadly Arachnid, Demon Whale King, Blazing Serpent… All sorts of ferocious Spirimons can be found in the forest!
Equip the Halos and Spiribones obtained from hunting to strengthen your squad!

Conquer the Arena
Use creative strategies and build unique lineups to achieve great victories!
Defeat your opponents with spectacular combos!

Explore the World
Changes in weather and time of day allow for an immersive experience.
Free exploration for hidden treasure chests.

SoulLand user reviews :

This game is good. Amazing graphic, character design but there is no audio sound lol. Main problem is that it been two days i haven’t played the game because of network problem I had seen my net many times, but the net does not work during the game It always shows 999(full red number 999). So I’m going to rate this game 3 star not only this there’s so many things I don’t like about this game. I hope game development can fix this problem soon as possible and also fix the audio problem.

  • Hi, we appreciate your feedback and apologize for any inconvenience caused. We encourage you to share your valuable opinions during the game. You can reach us through the in-game support ticket system or our FB fan page. Our team is committed to continuous exploration and improvement to provide you with a superior gaming experience. Thank you

Good game but it’s spoilt from the constant lagging issues, you play 5 minutes then it starts lagging, you’re in the middle of a event or gameplay and it starts lagging. My WiFi and data are not the issue here so quite obviously it’s a gaming issue, needs a fix before people can enjoy it thoroughly. Developers know there is a issue hence a compensation of diamond and summon tickets which doesnt really help. Would also help if they sort out the translation issue as well.

  • Dear Player, we recommend clicking the “Repair” button on the login page, then reloading the game. This may help resolve the issue you’re facing. Thank you

I like the game a lot just like the Donghua. But there is no audio ,please work on that. And the update has stopped towards the end. They are saying something about decompressing files. Please clear these bugs. Don’t worry I will be playing the game. I liked it

I’m a huge fan of this manhwa, so you score points on that by itself. However, while I do enjoy this game. I think allowing character creation to the player. Would have really been a great. I like Tang San, but I honestly want to create my own MC. Outside of that, it’s a good game

Really,I am so mad . According to 30% individual probability I am about to reach level 50 , already used around 100 summon there but not even once I got the result. Game is good specially for those who know about soul land but there are some blunders. They introduced a agility spirit master which do AOE damage more than any spirit master will do to a single enemy . There should be advantages of rank but keep some balance it one shots whole team with higher rating and level .

  • We’re sorry if you had a bad gaming experience. If you have any issues or suggestions during the game, feel free to contact us (click the avatar-User Center-Feedback). Thank you!

Game is not playable anymore after the recent small update. Been lagging whole day and nothing moving at all. Thank you. Now the game works but still shuts down after 5-10mins. Dont know why but this is happening everytime I try to play. Hope it will be resolved.

  • Hello. I’m sorry to hear that you’re having trouble running the game. Here are a few things you could try: Clear the game’s cache and data/Try uninstalling and reinstalling the game/Check if there are any updates for the game. If these steps don’t work, please let us know (click the avatar-User Center-Feedback). We’re here to help.

The game are good and have extreme graphics. I love the animations of the game but Please fixed sever Academy 8 are really lagging. The really enjoy the game.

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