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[Game] Space Chase – Odyssey

Space ChaseBe the captain of the best spaceship, launch your dream of conquering the galaxies. Join the space exploration team, uncover the endless secrets of the universe in this space adventure set on planet mars and eve.

You have been chosen to lead the spaceteam of top captain, set on an odyssey to explore the frontier of the universe, like the dune, space eve and more. Select the spaceship of your choice and embark on this endless odyssey/adventure.

Explore the various landscapes, from the rocky terrain of mars, to the dune and cliffs of planet eve in this amazing space adventure.

Start your engines, and launch your spaceship in the vast cosmos and reach new frontier in this space exploration mission.

Be the first spaceteam to explore the surface of mars and planet eve in this endless space adventure.

Prepare yourself for a challenging yet thrilling experience. This odyssey will put your spaceteam to the test against various challenges including asteroid and many missiles chasing you, and not limited to the many incoming comet.

Join the space exploration team, and with your spaceteam, select the best spaceship and start this amazing adventure of and explore the space frontier

A Unique Space Odyssey
Fast Paced free game
Simple to learn, hard to master
Various Obstacles like asteroid, missile and comet
Thrilling missile chase
Procedural Generation of environment
Explore mountains, cliff, dune
Go to new planets like red planet mars, dune planet eve
Endless Space Exploration
Amazing Space Adventure
Dynamic Weather effects
Day and Night Cycle

New planets to explore
More spaceship to come

Space Chase user reviews :

Excellent game, great atmosphere and controls; could use some more polishing, content and some tweaks here and there though. I read another review claiming that this is just a poor-mashing together and ripoff of Alto’s Adventure and Jetpack Joyride, and that the asteroids should be gotten rid of, but I appreciate the orginality. Pretty good music too. Can’t wait for the upcoming updates. Don’t drop this please!

It’s a fun and clever game, being that you have a fast reaction time. I love the idea, and I personally haven’t run into any bugs. I do have a suggestion, though: when you get close to an astroid, you will get a near death to add to your points. Well, what if that also applies to the walls, too, and add a bit of risk and reward. Other than that, I think the game is really neat overall, and I can’t wait to see what they come up with further down the line.

It should get progressively harder instead of being hard from the start. There’s barely any difference between ships (can be simulated with sensitivity in options) There needs to be more power ups than just a shield. The only difference between worlds seems to be visual.

Love game very relaxing but me personally I would add a freerun without worrying about distance and add the same melody with a twist of beats throw in it and then cuts off with the same melody and minutes later it back on aka the beat you added. In my opinion, it would be pretty awesome and would be my top 3 favorite game. You guys keep doing you and can’t wait to see the updates you all have planned for this game in the future. Looking forward to it.

It’s a wonderful game don’t get me wrong, but it has such an annoying flight mechanic that drags it down. The ship will try to fly parallel to the walls so as to not hit them but it’s automatic movement keeps throwing off my movement. It’s preventing me from dodging some of the rocks. Even if was just a setting to turn on and off I would fine it, but it’s so annoying to dragy ship up or down to dodge something and smacks right into it like I didn’t move.

Fun for all of 5 minutes. After watching an add to get an extra life I feel like your trajectory should be reset, otherwise you just fly straight back into a obstacle without any time to correct.

It’s a nice game, but it needs support for higher refresh rates. High difficulty increases your speed dramatically and at 60FPS it can give you a headache if you play much.

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