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Speakly  Learn 8+ languages for FREE using the fastest and most efficient method. Or join a Premium plan for access to all Speakly Premium features and even better results.

Learn Spanish English French Italian German Russian
Finnish and Estonian languages!

If you want to learn a language to speak with your peers—be them friends, coworkers, or neighbors—while traveling, studying, or living abroad, you will enjoy studying with Speakly!


Here’s what makes SPEAKLY more effective than any other language learning app:

RELEVANT VOCABULARY — Speakly combines science and computational algorithms to teach you the 4,000 most statistically relevant words of your target language in order of their importance. This will make the learning process 4 – 5 times faster than traditional methodologies.

MEMORY TECHNIQUES — Speakly uses spaced repetition to push newly learned information into your long-term memory in the most efficient way imaginable. This ensures that you remember everything you’ve learned.

REAL-LIFE SITUATIONS — Speakly allows you to practice real-life situations right from your smartphone or computer. This will build your confidence when speaking a foreign language in your everyday life.

FAST RESULTS — With Speakly, you will go from absolute beginner to a confident speaking level in just a few months of studying.


Relevant words only
Effective listening exercises
Practice with real-life situations
Multiple-choice answers
Pronunciation with voice recognition
Easy-to-understand grammar system
Entertaining speaking exercises
Progress synchronization across devices
8 interface languages including Lithuanian, Latvian, and Estonian


After just the FIRST MONTH, you will be able to speak confidently about practical topics, such as:

foods and drinks
and much more!


If you have any questions, please visit our FAQ page:  www.speakly.me/faq. If you don’t find your answer there or you would like to provide constructive feedback to improve Speakly, contact us directly at hello[at]speakly.me.

We are always glad to help our learners with any questions or issues they may have. So please, contact us first before leaving a review!

Privacy Policy:  www.speakly.me/privacy-policy

Terms and Conditions:  www.speakly.me/terms-of-use





Speakly user reviews :

I’ve been using the app now for a few weeks to learn Estonian. The speech recognition feature was only recently added for this language, so due to that, and also due to the language likely having a small userbase, I wasn’t necessarily expecting it to work very well. However, I’ve found that it works surprisingly well! I have no complaints about the app in general either. I really like it and will continue using it.

  • Hello Kim, Thank you for the great feedback! We’re delighted that you enjoy our app and find the voice recognition feature helpful. If you ever need help or have any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at hello@speakly.me. We’ll be glad to help. Happy learning!

I have already had a basic (and solid) knowledge of German, therefore I’ve found the app perfect in terms of repeating and learning new phrases/words and grammar. It is 5 stars here. I’ve also tried a new language from a scratch- Spanish. There is where I have struggled and there is where I’ve found the flaws of the app. For that reason, I had to go to other app- Busuu- which proved to be much more efficient for the beginner. And these are the differences between the apps: 1. There is no whatsoever integration of grammar into learning of the language in Speakly. I have to figure out the rules myself or go to the reference tables, which is a boring stuff to do. Busuu explains all essential grammar concepts as you go, you feel it natural. 2. There is no learned vocabulary list or grammar rules you’ve studied in Speakly. You can’t quickly refresh your memory if you need to. Busuu has both- grammar and words lists, very well presented. 3. After a short time spent with Busuu, you can say everyday phrases automatically. With Speakly, you will be trying to search the words from the corners of your memory, even after you’ve spent more time studying with Speakly. In conclusion, I would recommend Speakly as a developing language tool (it is 5 stars here), and would not for a new language (it is 1 star here). Average- 3 stars from me.

I really love this app! The only thing that I’m really lacking, is an option of adding to favourites the words/phrases that I can’t remember. I know that there’s an option of coming back to those phrases by asking to come back – but would be possible to also add an option of exercising only the sentences, with which I have a problem? Or to add them to the list, that I can focus more often on them? I don’t know if I wrote clearly where my problem is, anyway I wanted to thank you for the app

Generally application is good but has two main issues. First if you don’t have internet connection it is worth nothing. Second I don’t understand why when repeating the words it always make assumption that I got them correctly Edit: I have to downgrade application as it not working many times due to some issues and recently is extremely slow. Unfortunately help desk is not of much help as well
  • Hi! Thank you for your feedback. We are improving the Review Mode currently. We noted your request!

This is going to be the next big language learning tool on the market. It’s engineered according to the best principles of the psychology of language learning. I am rapidly picking up Finnish with this excellent app. Please don’t just take my word for it. Give it a try for one month and see how great it is.

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