Speed Night

[Game] Speed Night

Speed NightSpeed Night : This is a 3D racing game at midnight.

Game content:

The vacillating equipment to control the steering of your car, escaped on the road of the NPC vehicles.

In the game, you can collect coins, which allows you to unlock a new vehicle, of course, your grades need to reach the level to unlock this new car.

Touch the screen, your car will accelerate, increase the irritation of the game.

In the game, it will improve your speed after a section of the road.

Challenge your responsiveness!

Course of the game, you will collect three props:
1. magnet: a certain period of time used to draw within a certain range of gold coins.
2. Stealth: within a certain time you can cross the NPC vehicles on the road.
3. Life: in the circumstances of your life is less than 3, increase a life.

The end of the game, you can get:

1. according to the performance of you on the spot, you will get some experience, it can make your level may be raised. When you upgrade, there will be corresponding to the gold award.

2. Whenever you create a new score, you will get double number of your collecting coins.

3. Level and coins you get to unlock cool car!

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Joying it!

Speed Night user reiews:

Fun game and easy to play. Well done developer (developers). One thing that would make this racing game better is if there were multi types of tracks or different scenery tracks to go on along with the bridge and tunnel. Other than that it still is a great game

Good game Thus is a nice game but i would like if we can take more control of the car like pedals, blinkers, sport mode and headlights

Awesome Very lovely and good game for all ages. Yeah you can play it again for your family and friends who can help your body.

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