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Speed ReadingSpeed Reading : With our application, you can independently increase the reading speed to the desired level without expensive courses.

Specially selected simulators in the application will help you quickly memorize numbers and words, increase the ability to concentrate, expand the field of view and significantly increase the speed of your reading.

With the skills of speed reading you will:

Learn to save time when reading any text;
Always find the most important text in the text;
Develop memory, attention and expand your vocabulary;
Start to think differently, effectively solve problems, think creatively, manage more, and become more energetic and successful!

Thanks to special simulators, such as Schulte Table, memory and attention development simulators, you can increase your reading speed by several times.

The program allows you to read books in the formats fb2, epub, txt.

Discover for yourself a new wonderful world of speed reading, and you will be able to outperform competitors, cause respect of your partners, superiors and subordinates!

Speed Reading user reviews :

Good App but needs improvement in terms of better more clear tutorials, reading content for exercises,etc.

fun, interesting, optimally 2 free practices a day would be very effective…but I’m cheap.

To me, the app got all the features I need for self-growth and personal development. Also, it is user-friendly, minimal and has not too much ads. However, there are some minus points. The interface is not so appetizing or appealing, as well as the training games. I find them boring as the progress goes on. Well, the app can be fixed with improved and more varied themes or interfaces and minigames.

I am using your app for some time and have already reached level 15 so I have access to all speed reading modes, cursor, page etc. But now I opened the app again and they are blocked they say I don’t reached the level yet, but when I go to my profile it shows my level is 15. Maybe it is a bug occasioned from an update to the app. Apart from that is a great app for speed reading and I recommend it! (EDIT): The bug was fixed I got all the speed reading modes back

Love the app. Just realized that the scoring system for “remember the number” is a bit weird though. For example, you only gain 3 points for getting 5 digits right when 7 are shown even though this is a much harder task then getting 5/5 (for which you gain 5 points) Could you fix this? Its a bit annoying since I always get lower results on my best days (i.e. the ones where I reach higher digits displays). Thanks again for this app.

Update: bug was mostly fixed when they added the ability to restart the basic course, but by restarting, I lost all the scores I had in my previous run, which was the best run I’d ever had, so I’m still a little salty about that. They also never notified me personally that the bug was fixed even after I notified them several times about the issue, so customer service could use some improvement. I found out by periodically launching the game and trying the green dot course, which takes 10 minutes, only to find that the game was still crashing. Not happy about those issues, but still a great game. At first, the game was great, but now it crashes every time I finish the green dot level in “pass the course” so I cannot play that mode anymore and cannot see how I am progressing. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but it is still not fixed. I have notified them multiple times about this bug and have seen others mention it in their reviews and it is still not fixed. This severely limits the game and has to be fixed. I’m really disappointed because I was really enjoying this game. I will change my rating if they ever fix this bug.

This app is my teacher ..

Absolutely great, assuming you don’t require fancy graphics and UI. A very good way to develop new skills — actually beyond just reading. Concentration and mental.speed is also a part of it. Thank you guys for this great app!

It’s a great app, but it will be more convenient if you add sync with google account, for every time I reinstall it, I should start it from the very beginning.

Wow Very Nice App…Best of luck for the growth of this App..It will grow world wide vry soon..This is my prediction

Love it. It’s really an amazing app. A week using it, I can already feel and see the advances.

I love this App, still hoping for you to free some of the lock game on a regular basis.

Excellent app for developing sharp mind and concentration…

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