Spell Masters – Step into a world of magic and power

[Game] Spell Masters

Spell MastersWelcome to Spell Masters – where the enchanting realms of fantasy unfold at the tip of your fingers!

Become a Spell Master: Step into a world of magic and power! Start an amazing journey where you build powerful decks of Spells and Guardians to both attack and defend, and become a legendary Spell Master!

Spell Deck Offense: Customize your spell deck with a diverse range of attacking strategies. Unleash roaring fireballs and wield powerful magic – your arcane abilities know no bounds!

Guardian Deck Defense: Fortify your base with formidable Guardians! Outwit your enemies and secure your legacy!

Multiple Game Modes: Embark on captivating Adventures, challenge daunting Boss Fights, or prove your worth in the ultimate test against fellow players in Multiplayer duels. A plethora of exciting challenges awaits!

Open Community: Join the ingame chat to easily share tips, discuss strategies, and enjoy lively conversations to improve your game and have fun!

Treasure Trove of Rewards: Discover enchanting Spells and protective Guardians hidden within mystical treasure chests, each one boosting your powers and guiding your path to unrivaled mastery!

Casual RPG – Enriched and Accessible: Casual yet deeply tactical – Spell Masters balances rich gameplay with easy-to-learn mechanics for everyone to enjoy!

Embark on an exciting journey to become the ultimate Spell Master. In a world where every battle makes you smarter and every victory makes you stronger, the arena is ready for your greatness – are you ready to seize your destiny?

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Spell Masters user reviews :

It’s actually a very unique and fun concept, I liked the spell mechanics of the game, but there is a some problems in pvp, the guardians’ health is too much and your damage is low compared to the health and considering that you can only get the better stuff from pvp it should be fixed.

Gameplay is very good, the only issue is unstable server. Every few seconds the server connects itself.

It’s one of the best casual games I have ever downloaded! No ads, and no aggressive push to buy! There is an option to purchase, but you don’t have to. Good job, developers!

  • Thanks a lot!

Very original and cool casual game. Think of Arkanoid/hero shooter with fantasy cards. Multiple game modes and a multiplayer ranking system.

  • Thank you very much for your 5-star review!

It’s a well designed game, easy to play and to pick up…

Pvp is ridiculously imbalanced for starting players who are behind

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