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[Game] Gourmet Match

Gourmet MatchHow long has it been since you stepped out of your house to see this beautiful world?

The intrigues at work, the whispers of the neighbors, these have made gourmet Sam had enough. Finally, that day Sam decided to quit his job and take Mile away from the hustle and bustle of the city, determined to explore a new life that he had never experienced before!

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Gourmet Match user reviews :

I was on level 30 and the game took me all the back to level 1 and lost my score and everything.The Music won’t go off don’t care what U do and I don’t play no Music when I’m playing any Game, can’t stand the Noise.The Game itself is Awesome, but it Cheated me out of Everything I Won.So I’m Uninstalling.

So far I like this game so I’ve given you 5 stars . I’ve had no freeze issues like sone games so I’m happy to keep playing .

Being forced to watch an ad after every other level is a game not worth playing. Uninstalling

So far fun. Good graphics. Adds minimal. Hope I continue to like as I get thru harder levels.

Must download. It’s brilliant no problems and loads of fun.

I like Gormeh Match for amazing tense game to play everyday

No problems with the game, it’s fun!

Great game not to many ads.once you know how play the game it’s fun.

Good graphics. Been playing for months. 1 con is when you use double boosters, they always land where the other boosters are, not where they need to.

Love the graphics and it’s easy

I’m in my mid-70s and I’ve been playing this game for years this is definitely one of the best games they played it’s in the top three play it you’ll like it don’t believe all these punks that rag about this right about that you’ll like it

OMG SORT OUT THE BUGS!!!!!!! The lagging is unbearable, can’t join or create a team, which basically makes the game useless I’ll give 5 star when you do

Didnt see the 1st ad until level 19. Reccomend.

Ads after every play, there are way to many of the same game that don’t for me to install.

It’s not worth playing. I stopped playing for a minute & I had to go back to the beginning

If you enjoy match 3 games this one might be for you!! I recommend this to match 3 enthusiasts!!

Love this game. Play it daily.

Thank you for the simplicity and fun on this game..love it

Good game problems getting ads to work but fun.

I cant even get to the second level. It needs the bugs worked out. I am deleting.

I like this game but no need every level advertisment thank you

The game is okay it is boring all you fo it’s match stuff could be more exciting they say it is a good game I guess sorry

The game has different levels and the game is fun

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