Stagelands – Create your own tactics

[Game] Stagelands – Eternal defense

StagelandsDefend your kingdom and conquer the lands of your enemies!

From the magical portals comes a horde of enemies. Orcs, undead and brigands want to tear apart your kingdom piece by piece.

You have several different biomes (floors) to defend simultaneously, hire fighters for defense, build towers, towers, traps and various modules for reliable protection. Use abilities and skills, as well as create your own tactics to successfully repel the enemy’s army.

You can play offline without internet anywhere in the world;
Convenient and simple controls, easy to understand a beginner and start playing. Have fun and get stronger;
Unite into clans to crush the enemy – interact with each other;
Develop your kingdom and improve your defenses. Many defensive options, invent your own tactics, use different skills and abilities;
The best defense is offense. Seize enemy lands, replenishing your defenses.

Hundreds of different waves, each one unique and will feel like a new game with different mechanics;
Different modes. Capturing castles and other lands, defending cowries, raiding resource islands;
Different types and classes of enemies. You won’t be bored, everyone needs a different approach;
Many varieties of worlds-biomes to defend. From winter mountains to warm seashores, each location is unique and interesting;
Each floor is a unique biome world with its own strong abilities for defense;
Mages, knights, archers, dragons, towers, defense towers, defense modules – collect them all!

Fight back your enemies on all levels. Build an impregnable fortress.

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Stagelands user reviews :

Hello, I would like to report a bug. If you have more “Stages” than a boss stage on the map is set at (like having 7 stages for passing wave 250, but the boss stage on the map only says “6 stages” in the upper right corner), the game gets stuck at the loading screen if you try to access that boss. This makes you unable to fight that boss stage on the map because you can’t enter it and thus unable to get its exclusive rewards. Please fix this.

  • Thank you very much for your detailed feedback! We are glad that you liked the game. In the next updates, there will be many improvements. We will try to make you happy in the future. Your sincerely, Black Bears.

Barely 2hrs in game has constant “fatal” glitch. It’s trying to teach or give access to some new thing, but nothing happens and you get stuck on some darker screen…

  • Hello. Thanks for your feedback. To fix it, we need to know more information. Please write a private message or mail support[at] Your sincerely, Black Bears.

Really enjoying this game its actually fun and enjoyable. However your monthly subscription (which is ridiculous) is £10 a month! That’s absurd considering how little content there is. Otherwise it’s a well thought out game. Scroll gain is a little slow but I understand that’s how you make your money.

  • Thank you for the feedback! We will try to make you happy in the next updates.

Great game 4 stars not 5 because no ads package is very expensive. Package like this should be thought to cater minimal spenders like me.

  • Thank you for the feedback! We will try to make you happy in the next updates.

oooofff , hard tower defence , and , bahh ads , is like player need to watch ads on each lvl to progress unless player spend some $ in it , but , meh , overall is fine , altho most of us hate ads

  • Hello. Thank you for your feedback. We try to make a compromise between advertising and comfortable game to find resources for her support. You can purchase a subscription to remove ads and help us develop the game. We are always happy to take ideas to improve the game on our email Let’s make games together

Although the game is pretty much fun but not being able to buy necessary trups to defend it put’s a lot of disadvantage

  • Hello. Thanks for the feedback. To help you, we need to know more information. Please write a private message or support[at] Your sincerely, Black Bears.

Decent enough defence game. Basic units and upgrades with battles being pretty much auto.

  • Hello. Thank you very much for your feedback! May I ask why you gave us 4 stars? Can we improve our game in any way? We are happy to hear your ideas and suggestions. Waiting for your suggestions at Yours sincerely, Black Bears.

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