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[Game] Star of Words

Star of Words Playing Star of Words for 10 minutes a day really sharpens your brain.

This new cross word game, from the makers of Garden of Words and Wordox, is incredibly addictive and relaxing at the same time.

Star of Words is a beautiful and immersive word search game. Thousands of ever-growing, educational word puzzles await you to be found!

Show your talent with this relaxing word game and improve your spelling. You can play thousands of grids. Connect letters, stack words and solve riddles.

Improve your memory and relax your brain. Thousands of hours of fun are awaiting! Original riddles and fun words to find! Like a quiz, guess the word related to the theme and find the right spelling.

This fun word search game lets you show your word finding skills and challenge word lovers in weekly and all-time leaderboards. Welcome to Star of Words, the word game stardom arena!

Exercise your spelling and spell all the words in the grid. Have fun improving your memory and vocabulary.

Word lovers, are you ready? Stacks of letters are awaiting for you! Words are stacked in a grid, will you find them?

Lane the words and connect letters to find the right word! Work on your vocabulary and spell the words.

Swipe to reveal and free hidden words in the right order from this words entangling puzzle! Easy at first, it gets challenging fast. How far can you go?


ALWAYS A WORD TO SEARCH. The puzzle adjusts itself if there is not at least a word to search.
ENTANGLING & SHIFTING WORDS. The puzzle shifts as you find words in this entangling word search game.
THOUSANDS OF LEVELS. Play 4,200+ levels (more to come).
POWER-UPS. Use the Shuffle, Hint or Magic Wand (spending few coins) to get a little help if you need.
REWARDS EVERYWAY. Prize Wheel, Stars meter (which updates at the end of each level) or Rewarded ad video. Always a way to earn rewards in Star of Words.
IMPROVE YOUR LEXICAL IQ: Brain activity, Lexical agility, Visualization and Vocabulary.
COLLECT BONUS STARS. Earn more stars in finding bonus words (at a rate of 5 words for 1 star).
DOUBLE STARS BONUS. With a short ad video, you can double the stars you earn at each level, to give you a boost.
WEEKLY & ALL-TIME LEADERBOARDS. Get yourself a seat in the Weekly Leaderboard, while you also try to reach the stars of the All-Time rankings.
QUIZ: Answer correctly 4 times in-a-row to get a reward!

Ideas on how we can make Star of Words even better?
Need help with the game?
We look forward to hearing from you!

E-mail us at: support+starofwords[at]
or go through CONTACT US in the Game Settings

Star of Words user reviews :

Great game, as a pensioner it’s good for keeping your mind active. Just a shame you lose your scores if you don’t play for a short while, also, the cost of buying anything is extortionate and ridiculous.

  • Hi Alan, thank you very much for playing Star of Words! Other players pointed out the loss of Lexical IQ during inactivity and we have been working on it for the past few months so that it only evolves positively in our next updates. Stay tuned!

I like the game so far. However I have only been given coins one time. It should pay out a little more often. I understand that the adds are the reason we get to play for free. But if we have to wait for adds between every board we should be getting coins every few boards too. Not complaining I read like the game. I will keep playing it.

  • Hi Debra, thank you very much for playing Star of Words! Also, thanks for your understanding, we’re still working on ways to improve rewards and keeping the ads from interfering too much with the game. If you have any other feedback, please let us know!

I could play this longer  than the battery lasts!!! As a matter of FACT I have just plugged it in because the battery is low!!! My next goal is 14,275!!! with a score of 142,750!!! When is this game completed?? Thanks for finally answering me from Paris, France or wherever your owner or Admin is located!!! What is final score??

  • Hi Darlene. Thank you so much for being such a fan of Star of Words There’s no end nor final score! In fact, we’re planning on adding 2000 new levels in our new update so that everyone can have unlimited fun playing with words and make the best score ever. Stay tuned!

Makes you think, not always easy. But the higher you go more ads interrupt your thought process.

  • Hi Cecilia, thanks for your feedback! We’re sorry to hear that you had a negative experience because of the ads. As you may know, we need them to make Star of Words available to everyone for free, but we’re still working on keeping the ads from interfering too much with the game. If you have any other question, do not hesitate to contact us.

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