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[Game] Words of Paradise

Words of ParadisePlaying Words of Paradise 10 minutes a day boosts your mental prowess and takes you away from daily stress!

Enjoy word puzzles while immersing yourself into beautiful nature sceneries from around the world; it’s entertaining and calming!

Connect letters and find all words to complete the crosswords! Your vocabulary will be boosted while you relax your mind!

Do you like word connect and word search games? Words of Paradise is the only word game you need; you won’t be able to put it down! With more than 5000 word-puzzle levels, 300 inspiring locations to discover, you won’t run out of fun!

Our game is free to play, nothing in our word game is behind a paywall, for now and for all future updates.


Easy and Fun Gameplay! Just slide your finger to connect the letters in order to form words. No actual typing will be involved!

So Many Levels! We have over 5000 puzzle levels waiting for you. Don’t worry about getting stuck, you can always use hints to get past most challenging puzzles.

Lots of Word Quiz levels to challenge your grammar and fix your spelling mistakes!

Best Word Game Dictionaries! Carefully selected by experts to challenge you in a fun way!

A game designed to train your brain, boost your memory and upgrade your intellectual capacity!

Available in more than 30 languages! Improve and study any language you desire!

Mini game levels to spice up your gameplay experience and earn you rich rewards quickly!

See stunning places that you have not heard of before! From majestic mountains to lush rain forests, crystal-clear lakes to rushing rivers, and colorful sunsets to dazzling starry nights, explore nature’s beauty, and discover our planet’s magic and wonder!

Suitable for all ages, kids and adults alike. Supported on both phone and tablet. A game for everyone, everywhere, anytime!

We greatly appreciate any feedback; please feel free to send any suggestions to our support mail: support[at]softtowelgames.com

Words of Paradise is playable in the following languages:
Brazilian Portuguese

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Words of Paradise user reviews :

I do like this game, but recently, it has started to freeze. It is really frustrating as I have to leave the game & then go back in. It is now getting to the point of me considering uninstalling. The ads don’t bother me that much & I understand why they are needed. My problem with them is that it’s the same ones over & over. Am I the only person who hopes that King will meet a watery end?

  • Sorry for the difficulties. We are here to help always. Please send us a support email at support[at]softtowelgames.com or contact us in-game.

Started out great and I like the mini challenges. There’s a payout even if you don’t win them, and no need to pass them to move forward. My issue is with the ads. I know you need them, BUT they start out as every few levels, short so you can X out after 5 seconds, BUT then they start happening after every puzzle and become 30 seconds long. Really ruined the game for me.

  • Like many other popular mobile games, we rely on advertisement revenues to develop and keep our games free. We have reasonable options to remove ads in our game shop. Thank you for your understanding.

Interesting varied puzzles, but would like to see correct answers where I make errors, or fail to make entry. Starting at level 1001, the background with lilac colored flowers is so dark I can’t see the open letter spaces…needs more color contrast – change letter spaces to a lighter color or ditch the background!

  • Thank you for your feedback! I am passing it on to the correspondent team.

Was very much enjoying the game until they took away the choose which word levels. Those are my favorite levels.

Wow. It is really awesome. It teaches you a lot in a simple method., It makes you understand words you didn’t even know. Bravo Developers

This is a wonderful way for people to learn vocabulary and to use it as a language. I would have used this when I was teaching. It would have been great for children.

Game has interesting levels. Crossword, Grammar Quiz, and Spin for extra points.

Good fun. Challenging but not crazy words. Game in game is great to. Not to many ads and good back grounds.

Great word game, even includes Grammer, and spelling. My favorite. Thank you….. I do not like when my game coins go into a piggy bank that has a fee to open for collecting. A person should be awarded what they have earned in game.

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