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Starlit EdenWoohoo! A group of space adventurers land on a habitable planet humans never set foot on before, almost like something out of a fairytale.

It’s as if you’ve entered an alien paradise with beautiful forests and fields appearing before your eyes, waiting for you to farm, explore, develop technology, and establish your unique home. But I must tell you, some bad guys are coming, ready to make life difficult for you and interfere with your progress. Your top priorities are to make your equipment quickly and hone your powers to defend this wonderful world!

Your Dream Home
Design your new home any way you want.
Build all kinds of structures to increase the base’s technology level.
Develop cool new weapons and equipment.
Recruit talented heroes to excel at everything from production to combat.

Super Fun Quests
Cultivate the land, plant various crops, and learn about this planet’s environment.
Excavate new materials and develop innovative technology previously unimagined.
Search the ancient ruins to gain knowledge from the advanced civilization.

Powerful Factions
Fight with your allies and friends to protect your home.
Constantly expand your territory to obtain valuable resources.
Grow with your allies by donating generously to the alliance technology!

Thrilling Battles
Exciting real-time PvP battles all across the land.
Train your heroes to deploy combat squads with superpowers.
Crush your enemies and take their land to expand your territory.

Now, my friend. Let’s conquer this new world, set up your home, and uphold justice to become the strongest alliance on this previously unknown planet!

Starlit Eden user reviews :

Love this game! There is so much to do and it is just a beautiful game to play. I love that there has been so much added to the decorative options there are so many different variations now. What I HATE is the absolutely horrible new build limit system. All these new options and you can’t even use them because of ridiculously low build limits on EVERYTHING! And so many things count as the same build limit! It’s infuriating when trying to build.

  • Dear Bethany, thank you for your feedback! We appreciate your enthusiasm for the game and understand your frustration with the new build limit system. Our team is actively working on addressing this issue to provide a better gameplay experience. Your input is valuable as we continue to improve. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Auto fight is kind of stupid. It doesn’t move your team to a good fighting spot, and a lot of the time, when it places a healing tower, it completely misses your team. I personally don’t like multi-player/team games, so I like how unimportant and unobtrusive the multi-player is. It doesn’t put much effort into forcing me to interact with other people. I also haven’t been attacked for simply existing yet, so that’s nice. Glitch where the command thing can’t reach the edges. Good game overall.

  • Dear meow squeak, hello, thank you for your feedback and suggestions. I will submit your feedback to the team and hope it can be optimized in the future to provide you with a better gaming experience.

EDIT: Hit a wall. Cannot level until I pass mission 2.6. It is impossible. Been trying for days. You can’t pass it with maximum level soldiers available. And so I’m juat grinding. Very boring to not be able to progress. great game! I’ve had no technical issues. there’s absolutely no pay to play and the gameplay is terrific. highly recommend!

  • Dear Matt, we appreciate your positive remarks. To progress past mission 2.6, consider upgrading heroes, their skills, and crafting better equipment. This will increase their power and improve your chances of success. We value your support and hope these suggestions enhance your gameplay experience. Thank you for recommending our game!

There’s a lot to this game. To where you’ll need to follow the tutorial even though it’s annoying. It’s gives you a basics of the game and there’s a lot to it. Plus points I’m a few days in and there’s no ads. I’m low key wishing there was buying heroes.. but I’m not mad over that part. I’m really loving this. It’s relaxing, fun and a overall beautiful game with a great graphics. Plus if it’s your thing.. a story.

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