StartUp Gym – Help the owner and turn the shabby gym into a nice gym

[Game] StartUp Gym

StartUp GymThere’s an owner who set up a gym with all his money!
But business seems to be too difficult for the owner.

“Help me run the gym!”

Oh, it just so happens that the owner chose you as his partner!
Rumor has it that the owner has a good eye for people, but he must have felt the energy of an excellent businessman from you.

Help the owner and turn the shabby gym into a big, nice gym!

It’s not a normal gym!
Illustration full of individuality from members to buildings!
Gather various members and exercise equipment with unique concepts!

Gym is a place to build up the body!
Members work out hard to build their bodies.
Let’s build up all the members with good exercise equipment!

Easy for everyone! And relaxed play
Even if you leave it alone or even turn off the game, the members work out hard paying the usage fee.
Enjoy comfortably with easy and intuitive play!

Development, and Development!
A building that is getting bigger and cooler, members and facilities that are filling it up, members who are in good shape, various sports equipment…
Experience endless growth with a growing your own gym!

See you at the gym in a minute!

Oh, you’re going to be late!
Let’s go to the gym!

StartUp Gym user reviews :

Amazing game. There’s optional advertisments which is amazing, and it’s Offline, you get offline time rewards after you open the game and you can do lots of upgrades, but slowly becomes more and more of a waiting game, in almost 8 days of playing the game twice per day, 25 minute per session, I have to just close the game and collect the offline rewards for 2 small upgrades which grow income by +0.03% per upgrade. It’s amazing for a few days, but it becomes too repetitive.

The recent update changed how ads work, making 30 second ads mandatory for any of the rewards or boosts. That would be fine, however the game does not function without the boosts, the game is slow and annoying, multiple ads for any reward, long times to get enough money to upgrade anything. Worst thing is you have to pick up the sweat which is unmanageable after the first couple people join the gym, making the sweat collecting boost needed every single time you play. Bring back 8second ads.

Very entertaining and sub addictive game! I was very bored and found this game. Now I play this everyday and even better with only optional ads. I was able to progress without paying money and is still hooked to it. Very iconic characters and items. Love the game. My only criticisms are 1. I wish that the money system was a bit more realistic (you will understand when you play the game). 2. If there were mini games while you wait for money it would make it more fun. Definitely recommend It

Solid game, but it needs some improvement like muscle gain while offline and a prestige/reset system. As it is its possible to reach a point where all your gym members are maxed, an idle/economy game like this should let you reset for bonuses to start again faster. Rather than having a fixed end point. Outside of that, there’s some great humour, and I really like the upgrade system. If/when it’s , look forward to changing my review.

Good game at first, simple yet fun. But…after a day or two it becomes way too slow to progress, your gym members don’t level up while you’re offline, which makes it hard to progress even with ads, and touching to speed up the workouts is capped and inconsistent, so most of the time your touches won’t register, and you can only use one finger at a time, so even if you try to speed up the progress by actively clicking, it doesn’t do much. And the upgrades become way too expensive over time.

So I’ve been playing the heck out of this game! I love seeing the progression of the characters as they build muscle. But my biggest problem now, is that they only build muscle while the game is open. I’ve left the game open for hours on power saver mode and the muscle progression barely moves (using best equipment available to me at the moment). So you have to leave the game running and open on your phone for HOURS to level up the members passed the first four. Starting to get turned off.

very fun idle game! good humor and nice art style, very charming. no random ads, only ads are ones that you choose to watch. all ads that play are the really short ones. The tutorial was frustrating and longer than i wanted but I just hate games that don’t let me touch anything but one highlighted button. other than that and after the tutorial is pretty fun

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