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Hotel Empire FeverWelcome to Hotel Empire – the grand hotel of your dream.

Work with the best team to provide the best service to people from all over the world. They travel for whether business or pleasure, and they want to take the best out of their trip. Now, it’s time to build up your dream hotel and satisfy guests’ needs and become the best luxury hotel in the world.

Meet the clever managers and help them to complete guests’ orders to make them happy. Earn money and upgrade your grand hotel to be more comfortable, fascinating and attractive. Expand your brand to different places in the world and receive the love and recognition.

You will have to react quickly to your guests’ requests, set priorities, and serve everyone in a timely fashion. Time’s up – there are no more requests.
Can’t complete order on time? Don’t worry, you can use boosters that make the level easier.

Write up your story and satisfy your fantasy!

Discover new places all over the world and expand your hotel brand.
Serve guests from all walks of life.
Manage time to delight your guest.
Provide best room service and get likes.
Upgrade your grand hotel to be the best luxury hotel.

Let’s begin your adventure and see where this story goes!

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Hotel Empire Fever user reviews :

The game starts out ok but then it won’t allow you to check guests in or take their money on time despite repeatedly clicking on the key or the money icon. Rigged to make you lose. Frustrating, disappointing and unrewarding. It’s not programmed to benefit the player so don’t waste your time. I’d be inclined to make purchases to extend playing time if the game provided you with a more positive experience but since it doesn’t – see ya!

  • We’re sorry about your experience. Please tell us the problem you are having, write us at hotelgames.tycoon[at] or contact via facebook: We’d love to hear from you!

After 40 levels it’s hard to get gems to upgrade and use to get an extra try on resolving a level. Fun game but need too many gems to upgrade or get an additional customers. Too bad. Not continuing.

  • Thank you for rating! To earn more gems, you can play and win levels you will get rewards from gift boxes, join event win high rank for great rewards,… And If you like Hotel Empire Fever, treat us better with more stars!

I did manage to make it to level 40, however, the issue I am coming across is the lack of ads to watch to get certain rewards which can be problematic the higher you get in the levels; I want to believe that this isn’t something you can control, however, when a random ad pops up between game play, but I can’t watch an ad to gain rewards/ boosts, that is outputting. I will play it until I liteliterally cannot pass a level, but there is a good chance I will be uninstalling this game.

  • Dear friend, we are sorry about your experience. Please contact us at Our support team will help you as soon as possible.

Addicting. The devs do a good job of responding to issues you have. One thing I don’t like is when you’ve reached the point where the next hotel is available it forces you to open that hotel. I’d like to finish the first one before moving on. You can still finish previous hotels but things like the endless challenge force you to use the newest hotel. Also, the fact that more gems are required with each new hotel and level, really slows your progress down.

  • Thank you for spending time with Hotel Empire Fever! If you have any problems or recommendations, please contact us at our fanpage

I really enjoy playing but i do have 3 complaints one is that the game says that if you make any purchase that it would permanently block ads yet I’ve spent quite a bit of real currency and the ads are still there. Second is that it likes to spontaneously show ads b4 i even get a chance to play a level. Third is that i wish it would award more diamonds after a level is one. So i gotta give it 3 stars

  • We sincerely apologize for bringing you a bad in-game experience. We will fix this in the near future and send you the best gaming experience. For more information, please follow us at Fanpage:

I absolutely love this game, I’ve played many of the hotel games but I have to say this one is by far the best one yet hands down. Not only are the graphics awesome, the game is so fun and the rewards are over the top generous. The game runs smooth no lagging or crashing. If your looking for an all out fun game with great rewards look no further than this one, but don’t take my word for it download it and see for yourself. Thank you dev’s for a great game, keep up the good work.

  • We are glad that you enjoy the game. We will do our best to deliver constant updates for the game. Your experience is what we value the most. If anything, please contact us at our fanpage

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