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StatusbrewShare and Schedule posts for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google My Business all from a single dashboard.

You can easily share any text, image or a link by adding it to queue. Your posts will be automatically scheduled and posted to your favorite social networks. You can also add a custom schedule or post now from the app itself.

Statusbrew makes social media management easy for businesses, marketers, music and theatre artists, writers, influencers, freelancers and individuals.

What do we offer:

For all your Social Media publishing:
Create and manage multiple posting Schedule to target users in various time zones.
Schedule your posts using Custom time to schedule for specific events or campaigns.
Design and view your Instagram marketing plan in the Publish Planner.
Get push notifications when your post is ready to be published on Instagram.
Use Android’s native “Share to” feature, to schedule your posts from any app or browser!

Statusbrew is free, but you can easily upgrade within the app.

Free Plan Features:
Connect up to 1 profile for each Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google My Business.
Schedule up to 10 posts per social profile.

Aviator Plan Features:
Connect up to any 5 social network profiles.
Schedule up to 100 posts per social profile

Aviator Plan subscription is optional and at $9.90 per month or super saver price of $49 per year and choose to automatically renew at the end of each month/year.

To cancel the subscription, make sure you deactivate it at least 24 hours before the end of the current billing period.

Note: We do not save your Instagram Password.


Send your questions & feedback
Email: support[at]
Twitter: @statusbrew
Instagram: @statusbrew

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Note: Certain restrictions might be imposed depending on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google My Business guidelines and policy. Statusbrew application is not affiliated with Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google My Business.

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Statusbrew user reviews :

The app said I needed to reauthenticate my login, but there is an error message each time I go to the login page. If this isn’t fixed very soon… I am deleting it and going back to Crowdfire. From reading other reviews, it looks like I am not the only one having this problem. Please fix this glitch and I will change my review.

app works great and is easy to use, very well thought out, but the daily limit is ridiculously limiting! If you’re ok with less than 10 per day, then I highly recommend it!

Stopped working as soon as I updated to the latest version, I was using an older version as I do not have auto updates on but when the app glitched I decided to update – now it doesn’t work at all.

I used this app for 5 years, specifically to see my info about my twitter audience. Time to uninstall it, since the only reason I used it is gone. Was nice while it lasted.

suddenly the app says i need to reauthenticate profile but it wont let me. it wont let me add a new profile either. gives a page with some code on a white background and an error message. please figure this out.

Wont post to instagram. Keeps saying no mobile device to send notifications to. Also sends multiple of same post to other social channels randomly.

  • Hey Twila, Apologies for the trouble that you faced using our app. Could you please mail us your issue at support[at] so that we can resolve this for you. Thanks & Regards Shruti

it was so good application before the last update version and now it doesn’t work anymore!! i don’t get it?! the app was nice though please solve this issue.

used to be good, but then during an update or something it logged me out and it won’t let me log back in using my twitter. keeps saying error.

when i schedule my post for insta nearly 8pm to 9:30pm it doesn’t show any notification at that time and it show this same notification for posting which schedUled upcoming morning, what is meaning if i wanna post on 8:30pm and i get notification on 8:30am

Since these last 2 updates it finally works great. It tells me everything I need to know. Thanks guys for fixing alot of the issues!

  • We are really sorry for the inconvenience. Next update is just round the corner. Please bear with us. Thank you so much for your support.

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