Steam City – Create your own city in the retrofuturistic style

[Game] Steam City – Town building

Steam CityThe city’s residents and workers are waiting for you!

Create your own city in the retrofuturistic style and develop it with unique infrastructure. You’ll be able to bring your most creative dreams about technological progress to life in a Victorian-era setting.

Resources are crucial to the development of your city. In the game, you’ll have to start extracting natural resources and producing the necessary materials in your factories. As mayor, you’ll have to decide which resources to sell on the market and which ones to send to other cities in order to increase your city’s income.

You’ll have your own journal in which you can keep track of all urgent tasks and the issues faced by your city. Complete tasks in order to receive a reward and improve your status as mayor. The higher your status, the more opportunities you’ll unlock.

Often, developing your city will require you to collaborate with others. You can create a union and invite other mayors to join it in order to develop your cities together. A friendly union will allow you to freely discuss issues faced by your cities, exchange resources in a mutually profitable manner, and help each other with challenging situations.

A city is a living organism that needs resources in order to develop. Build commercial buildings to ensure that city life remains bustling and that taxes get paid on time. Collecting taxes will allow you to expand the territory of the city, construct new buildings, and grow the city’s population.

Take matters into your own hands and create your own unique city!

If you encounter any issues in the game, please contact support: support.steamcity.en[at]

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Steam City user reviews :

It would be 5 stars, but I’m deleting the game.The ships refresh & have same cargo, as before refreshing them. It does this, mostly, during challenges, which makes it hard to do the quests for the challenges. I’ve refreshed several, consecutively, for a 1/2 hr.It does it, also, in Global City, which I started playing 1st. That shows me the devs do it on purpose to get ppl to spend irl money on the game. If you want to be rich, get a high paying job & stop fleecing players out of their money.

I’d just like to be able to rotate things such as buildings and the map. You don’t need to go full 3D to achieve so. You coud just go like Zoo Tycoon (the very first one) and provide different points of view without going full 3D. Nevertheless, this game’s got a lot of potential and I’m leaving you a top rate. Whenever you meet this requirements, I’ll be more involved in this game. Yours faithfully: A Sim City mayor

By far the coolest aesthetics for a city game but just way to hard to get resources for upgrades. I’m going back to playing simcity because of this, I was very excited for a change but just doesn’t allow for enough play time

Great idea for sure! But. it’s tiny. And they want alot of money for it. And often You can’t move the resource fields either. I’d put my factories next to each dedicated material. Separate them.. this way we can design a nice looking city. Not 4 giant fields right next the city. And it’s tiny.. way more land is needed. way more. And lower those prices. A contest is every other day, and each one needs money. To keep up you need to drop about 100 a week… no way…

Good concept, but oh god, this game is so annoying! Start it up and then literally click where the game shows you for couple of minutes, because of events, and it won’t let you to cancel it. You MUST click as they say. It even counts your screen presses to pop up sale window in hope you click on a button to sell you anything. It moves screen suddenly somewhere else to give you another sale. It pushes you so hard to spend your money, and in the end, it’s all about expanding your warehouse!

Installed the game, played for a while, game crashed. Opened it again a week later, it popped up some event thing and froze. Then it wouldn’t open at all until I uninstalled and reinstalled.

I thoroughly enjoy this game. The pace, slow to level if you spend no money, is not an issue. The challenge for me is that of creating the subsidiary items within the confines of a limit on inventory. It’s reminiscent of real-world challenges centered on the economic concepts of unlimited wants versus limited resources.

This is like Globle City. Different Era but much the same. I am into building Sims. I’m not sure about the authenticity of the mega water monsters, but they make a good line. Hope to be able to go the distance with this one

A fun, in-depth building game. Start with a small city and slowly build it and watch it grow.

It’s not to bad to be playing but it should have more land to buy up at a lower price and better looking buildings

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