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[Game] Idle Ant Colony

Idle Ant ColonyThis idle tycoon game is all about building your own anthill and creating new colonies in different territories.

Provide for your ant queen, hatch thousands of workers and establish ant trails to gather food and resources to further your idle ant colony!

Upgrade your throne room to hatch more ants
Create and improve ant trails to transport resources
Trench chambers in your anthill to make room for more ants
Research new technology and recipes to advance your colony
Conquer new continents to establish more colonies
Collect special honeydew ants to boost your productivity
Manage your storage and improve your production line
Unlock achievements to increase your rewards and output

Join the idle ant colony to build the largest ant colony on earth. Play slow and max out your first anthill before you unlock the next continent or rush the first colony to gain great variety faster. Install idle ant colony now, have fun and get excited for upcoming new content. This is an idle clicker or incremental game which means you will generate ants and research points even when you are not actively playing.

Thank you to all testers and to all people who sent us their feedback! We couldn’t do it without you.

Got a problem in the app? Send us a ticket by going to the settings, tap the “FAQ & Support”- button, tap the blue question mark and enter your info. Or send us an email to! Feel free to send any feedback to!


This game can partially be played offline. An internet connection is needed to play events, claim rewards and connect your Google Play Games account for achievements and leaderboards. This mobile game is completely free to play. Some in-game items can be purchased for real money. If you wish to disable this feature of the app, please turn off the in-app purchases in your phone or tablet’s Settings. This app includes non-forced in-game advertising. Privacy Policy

Idle Ant Colony user reviews :

Game is ok. Very well made, amazing art style. No intrusive ads. Just a bit slow going for my liking. My entire experience has basically boiled down to: Check on it twice a day, buy some upgrades, maybe build a thing, then wait.

It’s a really nice game. I really enjoy it but, I’ve gotten to a point in the tutorial where it wants me to use the speed boost but it won’t let me and I’m not sure why. Other then that so far good game

It’s been a few months since I last played. I updated the app and started to play, only to find that the game is very, VERY laggy. I can’t seem to find any options to lower the graphic quality to resolve this

Amazing game! It is a bit hard to figure out how to make stuff like logs, but other than that I enjoy this game a lot!

So, I installed the game and played til the 3rd outer ring. Not too far but enough to get me interested in the game and I loved it! Closed the game to wait awhile for my Ants to build up, upon reloading the game it told me there was a synchronization error, and it reset me to the very beginning of the game, no progress whatsoever saved. This is unacceptable! Whats the use in me continuing to play if I may lose it all upon restarting?

One of my favorite idle games. But I wish you could prestige when you see fit vs when the games “allowes” you too. I have to make up to a specific amount of ants before I can prestige, and that number is in the trillions. I’ve already unlocked 3 levels and I’m just scratching the surface of billions. But other than that I love the graphics, the interface, everything else so far is great.

This game is hampered by the developers hoping you will buy currency. There’s a leveling leap at the end of the first island that stops your progress entirely. The loot box system with random prizes for leveling also sucks. There is no real guideline for when to make a new colony, it’s just what seems reasonable. This can end with mediocre rewards where a less far along colony gets a ton of things. The achievement system is good though

  • Hey, we reworked the game to give our players a more balanced experience. We’d love to hear your feedback on it. Best, Your Bling Bling Games Team

Like the game. Wish switching between lands wasnt such a bother. Wanted to start the entire game over, so me and a friend could compare who got farther in a week. But it is IMPOSSIBLE to delete your current progress. Deleting cache, data or everything in google play doesnt matter. It syncs with no way to delete it

  • You can create a new savegame from within the BlingHub menu. Just tap the diamond on orange background on the top right of the main screen. There is a button “New Game” that allows you to create a new game. You can even keep both games and switch back later!

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