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Steampunk Racing 3DSteampunk Racing 3D : Don’t just race…ANNIHILATE!

Steampunk Racing 3D : In the realm of steampunk racing domination and destruction is a way of life. Each day we risk death for the rewards and thrills of our chosen path. We are the racers, the heroes of our war torn world. Our vehicles shield us, our weaponry brings forth our vengeance, the world is our playground, and the corporations that run things are a necessary evil.

Set in a war-torn and steam-powered industrial world where your very survival depends any means necessary in a no-rules, high stakes, high impact, steam-powered death race. You’ll need to choose and customize your vehicle like the 4-Wheel Armored Classic, Heavy Tank Tall Boy, Agile Delivery, 3-Wheel Scarab, Dozenberg, Drag Racer, Zeppelin, Rough Truckin’, Brutal Wagon, or the 6-Wheel LG04-Ohzma; each with unique features and capabilities. You’ll also need weapons and elemental powers because, let’s face it: playing fair is just no fun. Teleport ahead of your enemies, engage force fields, blast your opponents energy with an EMP wave, turn the world upside down or create a gravity bubble with a Gravity Vortex, or deploy our most devastating weapons like missiles, chain guns, high-speed mines and tar, poison fields, fireballs, drone blimp-bombers, satellite ray beams, chainsaws, and vortex technology just to name a few.

As you race through your journey through the online tournament circuit, look for big sponsors to make more money but beware as corporations like A.R.B sponsors many racers and are suspected of fixing the races to seize power. Choose your side!

– Customizable vehicles with 30 weapons/abilities
– Unique physics engine allows for full range of control
– Realtime Multiplayer modes against 6 players world wide or on your lan
– Massive Online Tournaments
– personalize your online experience with facebook
– 3D
– HD
– Upgrade each vehicles armor, top speed, acceleration, control and hit points.
– 15 tracks
– 6 different power-ups
– 5 circuits

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Im a fan of Steampunk Racing 3D game better than tiki kart

It’s an awesome game.


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