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Stella Arcana  Eons ago, Baldur the God of Light created the Light Realm, a blessed land over which the stars shone bright.

Envious of this creation, Chaos the God of Darkness brought war to this sacred land. In order to fend off the incoming invasion, Baldur the God of Light sacrificed himself and sealed the forces of darkness. After Baldur’s sacrifice, he transformed into 12 constellations to protect all beings.

As time passed, people turned their backs on their beliefs and the old legends, and the 12 constellations gradually lost their power to protect the beings of the Light Realm. As darkness threatens to strike back, you must now help the Light Realm recover its faith, restore power to the 12 constellations and bring about another Star Era, in order to protect the Light Realm.

A series of exciting boss fights with intricate and deep combat mechanics.
Travel through a vast and gorgeous world map, full of surprises and engaging quests!
Join a Guild, meet new friends and have fun! Work together to make bring glory to your Guild!
One-on-one PVP matches! Combine strength, strategy and dexterous playing to climb up the rankings!

Wind Down & Relax
Stella Arcana isn’t all about thrills!
Tired? Go tame some cute pets! Decorate your own house!
Take some time off to travel through the gorgeous world map and Fish through all the fishing locations spread across the map.
A rich fashion system with endless costumes, mix and match clothing to your own style!

Check your horoscope every day! Meet your destined partner!

Want to play an innovative MMORPG? Want a game that mixes thrilling action-RPG combat and relaxing casual game modes? Want a game with a gorgeous art-style and soundtrack? Want exciting team-based dungeons and raids?

Stella Arcana, a tale of bravery and light! Come and join us in the fight to save the Light Realm!

App Permissions

Permission required for utilizing in-game voice chat function.

Permission required for sending and playing incoming voice messages.

This application will not acess any personal files.

Stella Arcana user reviews :

Looks good and that’s about it. The English voice overs sound like they were recorded on a phone. The whole thing is automatic. Pointless playing. I spent half an hour just looking at their cash shop. There’s a ridiculous amount of money luring tactics going on here and it’s very obviously p2w. Don’t fall into the passive money loosing application. You know you’ll regret it.
  • LRGame Inc
  • Dear Adventurer, thank you for your feedback! We will make sure to improve Stella Arcana for you in future updates. Regards, The Stella Arcana team.
I came into this game with high hopes, they were immediately shattered. I was hoping it was another decent game with good exploration, when I started it, I quickly found out that it was just another useless autoplay game. I honestly don’t care whether or not certain characters are unbalanced or not, that can be fixed later on but what can’t be fixed is that this game is boring, everything about it is so overdone with so many better games. My opinion: Don’t bother even looking at it.
  • LRGame Inc.
  • Dear Adventurer, Thank you for contacting us! We will make sure to keep this suggestion in mind for future updates, in order to improve the gaming experience for all players. Kind regards, The Stella Arcana Team.

I just started playing this game awhile ago and so far my first impression of this game is great, I like the characters, the combat, the voices dialogue, the look and feel of the game overall is splendid to be sure. I can see myself playing this long term and I can’t say that often about most mobile games but this is starting to become the exception for me.

i love it so far. the graphics are adorable and the controls are nice. the music is also very calming, it’s nice being able to play a game with the volume up and my birds don’t go ballistic Because of the sounds. also the game is laggy but it’s expected considering its new so i don’t mind. i can’t wait to see what this game turns into. i hope they make a console version too.

despite what people were saying about this game being bad, I decided to try it out anyway. And boy, am I glad I did! Graphics are so adorable, and I don’t use sound when playing games anyway, so even if the voiceovers are bad, I wouldn’t know. A bit of lag, but that’s to be expected. might be a little early for a review yet, though.

Latest Update :

Patch Notes
1. Level Cap has been raised to Lv.110
2. New Map & Storyline – Tebir Plain
3. Brand new dungeon – Elven Castle
4. Brand new system – Holy Stones
5. Brand new movement system – tumbling system
6. New bosses – Chris & Mars

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Video :

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