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[Game] Stepets – Walking Pet Simulator

StepetsCollect pets and grow your island by walking in real life!

Step into the world of Stepets and join the fun of collecting and caring for your pets while walking in the real world! Explore new areas, play fun mini-games, and customize your virtual island with cute furniture.


Collect and care for baby pets while walking in the real world!
Customize your virtual island with cute furniture
Play fun mini-games with your pets!
In-game rewards for completing daily goals!
Watch your pets evolve and grow as you care for them
Health tracking: Improve your health and achieve your fitness goals by walking!

Not only will you have fun with your furry friends, but you’ll also improve your health by walking and achieving your fitness goals. With a charming kawaii aesthetic and addictive gameplay, Stepets is the perfect game for pet lovers and health enthusiasts.

No additional purchases are needed to finish the game.
Offline game: No internet connection needed.
#HINT: Accessible Mode available!

This game is made by a small but passionate young team so we really appreciate your feedback. We really hope you enjoy our game! We certainly had a blast making it. Even if you didn’t, we’d love to hear from you. Email us at help[at]

Download now and start your journey towards a healthier lifestyle!

Stepets user reviews :

This game is delightful! I utilize the accessibility mode a fair bit, it’s a godsend. It’s a really simple game, but I love it. I have the VIP package and I really suggest players purchase it as well. Otherwise, it seems a little ad-heavy. My only other gripe is that the Manatee Stepet doesn’t look like a manatee. Its tail should be more of a club shape than a traditional fish shape. That’s still not worth docking points though. All in all, my experience has been 5/5!!

I walk A LOT so it’s nice to be rewarded for it. The gradual increase in steps is nice because then I’m not always having to look at my phone on walks. Super cute pets, music, and sound effects. I bought the VIP after realizing it was a one-time purchase vs monthly. Super worth it in my opinion. Only my first day so may update review once I start hatching more than the free eggs. Keep adding more cute animals! I don’t really like the final evolutions just being all bluish. Coyote looks bad now.

This game is a lot of fun and a great motivator to stay moving. I did purchase the VIP pass and for the price it’s a really good deal. I do agree with some of the other reviews that two permanent incubators would help make the game better. So many pets and eggs take a ton of steps to finish and having two available all the time would really be appreciated. Overall though it’s a great game! Keep it up!

The game is cute and decently fun. However, I feel like we should be able to buy more incubator slots permanently because it’s annoying to not be able to evolve a pet while hatching another and it discourages you from hatching a pet that takes more steps more than it should. Also, the mini games are not balanced well, with happy hop being significantly too easy for the points it gives. I did buy the premium version though because I really like the concept and Platonic Games’ other games.

It is a pretty fun but very, very simple game. The buildings and all the decorations are interesting, and i lobe how they are all usually parts of certain buildings like a house or arcade. I wish that the pets would actually interact with different decorations so they actually have some use. I also feel like pets should give way more coins than they are now. It seems pretty hard to make coins for decorations. Also, maybe just add more games.

  • Hi! We’ll keep adding minigames and extra content in future updates, since we’re a small team we’re first focusing on making the game playable for as many players/devices as possible, but thanks for the feedback, we truly appreciate it!

Very adorable and I look forward to all the bugs getting worked out! Until then, only 4 stars: – I randomly lose gems that I have fairly earned. For instance I just claimed the 5 daily from videos but it says I only have 1. – Sometimes the game stops recognizing all taps/swipes on the screen and I have to restart – There is a lot of incentive to spend more money, which I understand but I feel like it happens very soon and very fast, which can easily scare away any F2P players

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