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[Game] My CatPots

My CatPotsHere comes a cute planting game with cats!

Download the game to get your cat and grow new hybrid cat plants ~

How To Play
Water your plants as much as you can to discover special hybrid cat plants.
Discover all the hybrid cat plants to complete your photo collection!

Catch bees, play minigames and take care of your cats to get more useful items.

You can customize your cat with cute pots and choose the type of bee you like.
Skins, cat tails and accessories will be added in future updates.

We hope you enjoy!
Need help? Feel free to send an email to: maxsrarity[at] We’re always happy to receive our players’ feedback!

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My CatPots user review :

Very cute, I really like that you aren’t penalized if you don’t visit often. Cute art. A bit confusing at first, there’s no real instruction as to what you are supposed to do with the mini games. Lots of gliching, will only give me 2 kinds of bees, I’ve tried resetting the hives many times. It wouldn’t reset the day for new rewards, and the heart meter will be full, but won’t grow the plant unless I use a few water drops. I know they are working on an update, hopefully that fixes it.

Very cute and was able to play for a while yesterday but I can’t even get it to open today, or it opens for a few seconds then glitches and everything doesn’t move. Crashed a few times yesterday too before I got to the point of being able to play. Really wish I could play more cuz I do like it! It’s very relaxing! But might have to uninstall if it just won’t work

Super fun, incredibly adorable game! Easily one of the cutest & most entertaining phone games I’ve played in a while! My only complaint is the CONSTANT ads (I’m talking, like, you literally can’t go more than two minutes without having to slog through a zillion awful ads), but besides that, it’s a wonderful little game — very easy to play & extremely addictive (yes, even with all the ads, haha). I adore it!

Too many ads. It’s cute and I like the concept, but if you don’t click on the acorn bee every minute, the game starts an ad automatically with no benefit. That’s too much. Way too much. Couldn’t get past the 6 plant harvest barrier. After watching about 20 ads (probably more), I got fed up trying to reach the first milestone. I’d suggest dropping that to 3 or 4, if you’re not willing to remove the auto ad. It’s such a slow beginning for required ads like that.

Such a cute and fun game to play if you’re bored. I love the styles and the different cats, bees,pots,plants,and accessories are so cute and colorful as well. It’s a simple game with very little ads which I love. [Unlike other games that have so many ads after every move you do]. I definitely recommend. One question, what does the timer next to the bees mean? Because one of my bees has water next to it then a timer that says 16s. Please let me know what I means.

This game is so cute and relaxing. The only really annoying part is how many ads there are, but either you press something that does it or it warns you before. Definitely one of my favorite games and I love all the little plants that can grow on the cat’s head. When you open an acorn you can get super cute new skins or pot/accessory. Overall I recommend it 100 percent.

This has and adorable concept, and I think it’s really cute. Though, it could use some things like, when you grow a new plant you are able to make it again?? Idk, but it’s adorable and Cute. I love this app but just make it so you can grow plants again🪴 Also, when I’m watering my cat, the bar often stops, and doesn’t move, even when I’m watering him/her (idk the gender) it will just stop, for a while and stay there. But other than those 2 things, this app is amazing, and overall the cutest app.

This game was so cute! But I just can’t bring myself to give it five stars. The game is repetitive and quite frankly hard and boring. I was hoping that I would get a bunch of different flower cats but I get one that grows tiny ones. The art is simple and very cute, but that’s about it. I can’t even say “work on it” as some are big mechanics to the game (but their aren’t a lot of them) some of the mini games are just hard and anxiety inducing, and even though I have a lot of criticism I love it!

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