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[Game] Stick Fight

Stick Fight Stick Fight: The Game Mobile is an official stick-fighting game on mobile.

Join the hilarious brawler, Stick Fight: The Game Mobile, which is a physics-based couch/online fighting game where you battle it out as the iconic stick figures from the golden age of the internet.

Stick it to them!
Challenge friends and Stick Fight fans from around the world. Control the Stick figure to run, jump, and fight. Face off against each other in 4- stick fight free-for-alls! After 9 matches, rank the top of 4. Now with an armory of humorous weapons and 100+ maps!

Relive the classic Stick figure cartoons with action-packed free-for-all duels!


The official Stick Fight game on mobile!
Hilarious battles with up to 3 friends!
100 amusing maps, dozens of funny weapons, like guns shooting snakes out, or bomb which blows yourself up, and unlimited ways to die!
Make your own maps with the built-in level editor: the sky is the limit!
Customize your stick figures with the brand-new avatar store and color system!
Brawl online with players from around the world! Download the game and win the glory for your country.


Stick Fight user reviews :

95% of the time I had no idea what was happening. Half of those times I was dead. It’s really hard to keep up with your character. The game always has the same stages, it’s laggy, the guns behave weirdly, the loading screen text makes no sense. This game just doesn’t work for mobile. On PC the game is great, on mobile not quite. Not sure how you can fix it, but porting the original game from PC to mobile doesn’t work.

  • Hello Stickman. Much to our regret that you fail to enjoy our game smoothly. Providing a smooth game experience has always been our great mission. Also you can try to play in a better network environment/play in other devices/clear some caches in your devices/delete some other Apps seldom used. Sincerely hope you can enjoy our game. Thank you!

One of the best games on mobile! The only issue (and alot of people’s issue with this game as well) is the lack of a offline mode where you can play with bots,because the time when people play mobile games the most is when they are on the go,so it would be the greatest thing if you added a Offline Mode in the game for people who don’t want to use up (or doesn’t use) mobile data

It is good but it keeps crashing in the first few seconds it auto closes. New review: learned how to make the game stop closing. whenever you want to watch an ad to get something dont cancel it because it glitches and closes the game I hope this is useful for other people who play this game and have the same problem other than that glitch the game is super fun recemond it. New new review: nevermind the game closes when you try to watch an ad entirly it is super wierd but it is still good

Good game, can’t load on my phone. I bought this game on Steam a few months ago because my friend suggested it to me. I played with my friend and his friend, and it was an excellent game. Now it’s on mobile, and the game won’t load at all! It won’t crash half a second later, like most apps, but it straight up doesn’t load at all! If it helps, I have a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G. I can still run it on GeForce Now, but only an hour at a time for free. Please fix, and add Steam cross-saving.

Pretty good game, thanks for fixing the login issue, but the game crashes whenever I want to watch an ad, and the English translations could use a tiny bit of work.

Oh my gosh, thanks for fixing the game, I was using an older version just to play and now I can just play it now. There’s still some issues like any items the has candles lags the game and the climbing physics is not polished like the Steam version

The bug that diddnt allow you to play the game has been fixes but when i try to watch an ad it dosent let me watch it and it takes me to the playstore. Its still a good game tho but there is jist stupid bugs that ruin the game.

The game is nice and all but the problem with it is whenever I launch any snakes to kill my opponents, the snakes just go, take a round , come back and kill me. I really hate that.

Awesome! I love how they added character customisation and a level creator! If I could, I’d rate this 4 and a half stars, because whenever I exit the ‘try’ option in the level editor, it freezes, so I have to leave the game and go back in again. But then, my level hasn’t saved! And if I don’t try it, the ‘BACK’ button doesn’t work ; – ; Please fix this!

Fun stuff. No forced advertising at all. A pretty great game. I do think that a negative point is the lack of development such as adding different events,adding more customization, basically what’s it done until now,just adding a few more. Surely the biggest attraction of the game is the funny movement of the stickmans, but some bugs and a little more control over the character should be considered. I do think that could improve the game.

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