Stickman Army World War Legacy

[Game] Stickman Army World War Legacy

Stickman Army World War Legacy  Stickman Army World War Legacy is a World War Strategy game.

The spectacular challenges and immersive gameplay keeps you hooked to this military Action game.

Climb up new levels to unlock exciting legacy troops and military equipments. You can use stickman captains, stickman soldiers, artillery, bunkers, stickman snipers, stickman machine gunners, trucks, bazooka, mine, smoke, a tank, and many more. The goal is to cross the battlefield with all your stickman troops.

Be ready to wipe out the enemy, cruel bosses and the obstacles. Stick war deserves as unique stickman games, world war military games worth playing ever.

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Stickman Army World War Legacy user reviews :

Amazing game! The new levels keep the game interesting enough to make you want to sit all day and play! The interface is very easy to use and one can really have a lot of fun playing. I also love the fact that you can upgrade your own men so as to be stronger against enemies. Definitely worth downloading and playing, it makes a good entertainment when bored and need to pass time! Great game!

This game is great! It has cool and easy to use interface that is not complicated. It also have great gameplay that challenge your brain and getting new troops after finishing levels are exciting because you’ll wanna see what their capabilities are. Overall this game is great and I recommend this game to be played.

ok game Updated: Would be nice if a tad bit more coins were given out per successful round, instead of having to watch an AD, but I understand advertisements help to keep the game somewhat free. And it’s extremely frustrating on infinity mode that enemy troops basically start the game fully loaded while your options to defend are seriously limited. Slow build on both sides, then increase difficulty the longer you survive, it shouldn’t be so lopsided to begin with

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This is a nice game and exciting, each challenge make us more enthusiastic to play, excellent game. Each mission gives more more modifications to the soldiers and easy to play. Winning each mission give us more excitement to play the next mission. Awesome game .

The game is fantastic with no ads all the time It not that there is ww2 in this game there is also enemy giants in this game which makes it very hard but I take them out and because It is like world war 2. The mane thing which I don’t like is that I get a short distance to throw my grenade the enemy can throw their grenade anywhere they want I doesn’t make it fun to play but as you play thorgh the levels will become even harder

In my time with Stick Fight, I did hit an occasional hard crash but they were few and far between. Otherwise the gameplay stays fluid with little to no slowdown. Unfortunately they did not include community generated content but this is a fantastic indie party game that fits perfectly on the Nintendo Switch.

This is the greatest stickman game I have ever played. The game is addictive and very interesting. The missions are not that hard if you can plan your soldiers’ attack but if you can’t plan you will be killed quickly. Very awesome game I recommend all android gamers to try out this app.

This is a fantastic game that is simple to play. Each new level presents its own set of problems, and you must do everything you can to win. New obstacles arise on a regular basis, and with the appropriate plan, you can overcome them. This is thrilling and fulfilling, as well as enjoyable and enticing.

An action-packed clicker idle game with an interesting little story. The game has a very simple art style and stunning visual effect. There are 28 unique weapons for you to unlock, the last two are very satisfying.

This is a epic offline game I ever played. A good offline game that give you a stress relief. And also good graphics and smooth game play,one more thing it’s under 100mb, so it won’t take that much of your memory and energy.Easy missions and simple user interface.It will never disappoint you. Nothing to think download and enjoy the game

An Excellent game. It has multiple levels that has increasing difficulty level and enemy troops become more dangerous and aggressive. Implementing required troops and attacking opponent at right time creates a game temper and makes it addictive.

I love this game so much. The gameplay is fun and simple, easy to follow while playing with kids together. Levels gets more challenging as you progress so you won’t find it boring after a few play. Great game keep up the content!

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