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[Game] Stickman Awakens

Stickman Awakens

Stickman Awakens™ is a brand-new card role playing game.

It sets after League of Stickman II which has been downloaded over 1 million times. We strive to restore the rich fighting skills of the stickman and the strategic lineup mechanism is added to this game. In the game, you will lead your stickman team to take on an amazing adventure, and the super rich gameplay will definitely make you unable to stop!


Unique Stickman Awaits
There are over 70 Stickman from 6 distinct factions waiting for you to collect. Create your own squad, level up the stickman and train them to supremacy!

Strategize with Stickman Team
Drag stickman to place on turn-based 3X3 grid battlefield! You can break through levels, climb towers, compete and switch all to another scene during the battle and even carry out multiple battles at the same time, making the game extremely time-saving and efficient!

Enjoy the Treasure Hunt
There are 9 different ways to explore in Elland. Whether it is treasure hunting in the sea of ​​​​the underworld or passing the assessment of the Protoss, the rich rewards will make you feel the thrill whenever you breakthrough a level!

Duel in Peak Arena
In the regular weekly honor competition, you can watch the online PK of the top players on each server on live, support your favorite players and get surprise rewards!

*When you encounter any problems in the game, you can submit feedback to our customer service through the in-game help center or the following platforms.

Stickman Awakens user reviews :

Loving the game so far, but there is a serious crashing issue that needs fixing. Making me very frustrated when it’s crashing nonstop and I can only get 1-2 minutes of play in between crashes. I’ll make it a 5-star review when it’s fixed, and I’m sure the game team is on it, I just hope it’s a fix that comes soon. Really making me not want to play after 2-3 crashes when I definitely want to play.

Over all, a good game and plently to do… to begin with. Events are very pay to win driven I’m afraid though. Also the game updates often break the game, often leading to come onto the play store and having to reupdate? Its odd. Good game to play, early game anyway. But after about 2 weeks its a 20 minute login a day type game to do your dailies. Nothing new, apart from the look and feel.

EDIT 2: Player data has desynced from my account and I now no long have access to my 11mil power character. I’m upset to say the least. EDIT: Reinstalling the game from scratch fixed it, but this shouldn’t happen from an update. Otherwise the game is a decently fun Team v Team RPG Recent patch broke the game. Starts to black screen and does nothing other than show the app icon on initial start up. Currently completely unplayable. Will amend this review once the game is playable again.

A fun game with a lot of activity the more you level up. Plenty of opportunities to earn currency and no real need to spend, with good rewards if you do. The art is interesting, love it. Ranking heroes can hit a paywall, but still manageable with patience. Edit: New phone, the game runs so much smoother.

  • Hi Landon Bellard, thanks so much for your comments and so sorry for the inconvenience. For more info to resolve the issue and your privacy, pls send your account details to our customer email address as directly. Hope you have a nice day and have fun in our game!

During the tutorial, I am asked to select a content that is locked to me, I haven’t met the requirements to have it available, and afterwards the game becomes unresponsive. This is unplayable for me, and I’m not patient enough to wait around for it to be fixed. I’ve emailed the issue through the Google provided contact email, but now I’m moving onwards.

  • Hi Jeffrey D. Hejny, we hope our players can know how to play basically about the tutorial and pls complete our tutorial. Then you can continue to play our game. If you still stuck in our game, could you mind to send the video to our customer service email address as service[at] so that we can check more for you? Hope you have nice day!

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