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[Game] Vahns Quest

Vahns Quest You’ve been invited by the ‘Grave Keeper Knights’.

Where does the strength of the Knights Templar end?! Infinite Growth Idle RPG!
Challenge endless battles, adventures, and stages!
Get rewards thanks to AFK automatic hunting?! Grow endlessly!
‘Double speed’ battles and ‘1 Second Skip’ in boss battles! The pleasure of super-speed progression!

Heroes full of personality! Let’s nurture them on our own!!
Your hero is weak? Make him grow until he gets 8 stars with the grade upgrade!
Your own hero group that grows infinitely by collecting relics and strengthening skills!
Craft hero-customized (DIY) equipment at the blacksmith and get stronger!
More than 60 attractive costumes! Visual and ability UP!

Make auto-battle more fun! Let’s set up a strategy and play smartly!
Deploying heroes will get you a buff! Let’s lead the battle more advantageously!
Each time you tap the Fire Spirit, you deal extra damage to enemies! Make battles easier!
Support the fighting power of the supporter knights! Take advantage of heroes who do not participate in battle!

Defeat the dungeon boss to get an item?! Let’s grow into strong heroes!

A mini-game in an RPG?! A treasure dungeon where you can get gold and have fun

Who will be the strongest? A bout between knights from all over the world! (PVP)

Vahns Quest user reviews :

Awesome game, not so awesome experience. 1. Pace feels like snail, well at least for person who plays a lot of idle games. Gold collection rate might be one of the reasons why. 2. Idle : what’s the idle? I can play but I have to stick to the main screen to progress. This is not even idle experience. All two things aside, there’s a bug where the game decides to temporarily remove the first speed up bonus.

  • Hi Ben, we are so sorry you had a bad experience with our game and we thank you for your patience as we go through every bug and try to fix them.. If you would like to help our team, please report any bug you encounter or give your suggestions to our hotline! We will make sure to convey them to the dev team! Hotline: cs[at]

Love the game so far, gameplay and graphics are appealing. The lower rating is because after watching ads to do stuff in game, there is no way to close them out half the time. So I have to close the game and reopen it, and then miss some rewards. Edit: I ended up getting the no ads pass which was worth it to continue progress faster. I’m still really liking the game and all of it’s included mechanics!

  • Hi Jameel! Thank you for your sweet comment on the gameplay and the graphics. It seems like you are having issues with the ads… Could you contact our hotline at cs[at] If you have screenshots or videos, it’s even better! We will do all we can and more to fix this issue asap! Thank you for your help!

Current play time: 3 days in. Likes: Simple, straightforward, ui not as bombarded as some idles, generous daily and progressive rewards. Dislikes: No collect all button for completed tasks and achievements rewards plus the completed tasks/achievements aren’t moved to the top of the list so scrolling throughout the list is somewhat tedious. In terms of optimization it’s a little on the lacking side however the game is still new so that’s expected. Overall: Not bad so far, will keep playing

  • Thank you, Jordan!! We’ve forwarded your suggestions about the Quest reward button to our Dev team! We always love to hear our players’ opinions and our Dev team will do their best to improve your gaming experience! Thank you for telling us what you think.

Game is very interesting with a nice art style and more interactive than most idle games. Due to the early release, there are some expected bugs that are taking place when it comes to rewards for watching ads, either a display stating I can watch an ad and receive a reward but never receiving them or the ad freezes up which also yields no reward.

  • Hello, Mitchell! We are glad that you like the game and we feel really sorry that you face some issues with the ads! Our Dev team is trying their best to improve the game. Thank you for reporting this issue. If you need any assistance, please feel free to contact us at cs[at]!

The art style is cute and I absolutely love the comics. but its another AFK game so it’s gameplay is what you would expect. I really wish this was something different because the great art style would go great in another game that isn’t your typical AFK. But is it a bad thing that it’s an AFK? Not really, but we’ve played many of them so it just doesn’t feel like anything new. I want to give this a higher rating because of the art but I can’t because the gameplay is not anything special.

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