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Strategic IQ Strategic insights and contextual intelligence from the World Economic Forum.

Explore and monitor the issues and forces driving transformational change across economies, industries and systems.

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Learn about over 120 topic areas, ranging from industries, regional and global issues, all driving change in today’s world

Many topics are co-curated in partnership with experts from leading research institutions

Browse articles, videos and reports, drawn from over 250 different sources for each topic

View data visualisations of relevant trends

Understand the strategic landscape by exploring connections between the topics


The digital revolution has transformed our lives and continues to ensure that the volume of information we are exposed to grows daily. In fact, it has been estimated that 90% of all the data in the world has been generated over the last two years. This has led some commentators to coin the phrase “information overload” to reflect our collective inability to surface signals from the noise and focus on what is truly significant. In parallel, the Fourth Industrial Revolution is disrupting industries and economies at rapid pace, leading to further transformations, opportunities and risks to monitor than ever before.

Strategic Intelligence, from the World Economic Forum, addresses this challenge and enables leaders decision-makers and global citizens to keep abreast of an increasingly fast-moving and interconnected world. We hope you like it!


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Strategic IQ user reviews :

Nice idea but requires setting up an account to be able to see articles. Also the app seems to load the content pretty slowly, compared to all other apps that I have installed on my phone. The thing I disliked most is the fact that if you actually want to read the full articles, you cannot do it through the app, instead you are redirected to the source website to read via your web browser. I uninstalled the app unfortunatelly, nice idea but poorly implemented…

  • Thanks for your review DI. Regarding the full articles, Strategic Intelligence provides the capability to discover new knowledge but we prefer to direct the user to the source website so the original publisher is able to show the article in its original context; this is for copyright reasons.

Absolutely loving the content and the attractive design. Just a few things that can be improved upon: There is no guide or any instructions that can help you navigate the app and understand the functioning like why can you only follow 2 topics at once and what should one do for more access, and how do you look for the most recently updated information or how often is the information updated in the first place because some descriptions look at least a couple months old.

  • Thanks for the really constructive feedback. Following multiple topics is for our digital members only – Google WEF digital membership for more details. Update: just to let you know that we recently removed the restriction on the number of topics you can follow.

I was expecting more of the app, I can’t even save the articles and publications I’m interested in. The design could be adjusted and updated in order to see more titles at once and clearly. The first article/publication of each “topic” (most are countries and regions) is generally a left-wing perspective, and I wasn’t expecting to see anything biased on a app for researches (It might float your boat, just not mine). Also, you can only follow 2 topics…

  • Hi Mei, sorry to hear this. Articles can be bookmarked, you should be able to find it in the app without too much difficulty. We aim for a broad range of perspectives across the different publications we cover. Update: just to let you know that we recently removed the restriction on the number of topics you can follow.

Great way to navigate and explore insights. You easily navigate from topic to topic reading small articles, watching videos and listening to audios. Very interesting and rich in useful information. You can’t find such a catalog in other places, I’m positively surprised.

  • Many thanks for your excellent review Guiliano! We noted also your request to become part of our Beta testing programme and will of course be in touch in due course about that. Thanks for taking the time to post your review and your offer of assistance.

This app is the best of it’s kind I have yet encountered. Although being best doesn’t mean being correct everywhere. The experience you get while using the app is the most advanced one but quite unscientific to an user’s perspective at several points. Most importantly there is no guide layout or briefing on how to use the app to your best that is there in most other apps.

  • Thanks for this very helpful and constructive feedback! We are working on an improved onboarding and personalisation experience as it happens but would love to hear more from you on what you would like to see. Feel free to contact us at if you have further thoughts!

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