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McKinsey Insights The McKinsey Insights app offers business news and analysis on the biggest issues facing senior executives today—from inflation and the net-zero transition to the future of work and life in the metaverse.

Explore new articles on leadership, corporate strategy, and sustainability, across industries such as healthcare, education, retail, financial services, travel, and tech. McKinsey consultants and contributing experts look at the latest in artificial intelligence, climate change, corporate culture transformation, and more.

Customize your feed to suit your preferences. Save content for reading later. Explore full reports, articles, podcasts, videos, and enjoy early access to McKinsey Explainers—direct answers to complex questions, backed by McKinsey’s expert insights.

McKinsey Insights user reviews :

Great content but the navigation experience could use some improvement – saved articles have sync issues across devices. Images within articles are too small to read, and there’s no magnify option. Also as pointed by other users audio speed and timestamp control would be useful

Content is good ,but too much US centric even after choosing India as region. no one want to read about USA all the time.

Great app, friendly user interface. Also, being able to download the articles brings it to perfection. Props to the developers and the whole team.

There are two things I noticed that needs adjustment here: 1. Whenever I missed anything, I had to go back to the audio to pause it, play then quickly scroll back to where I was. This could have been avoided if I don’t need to scroll up and down to pause the audio. 2. The audio is too fast, please consider putting an option to determine the speed of the audio.

  • Dear user, we’ve forwarded your feedback to our engineering team. Thank you for taking out time to send us your suggestions.

Hi there, excellent app with very informative stuff. Giving a 3 star rating because the app has stopped working after the latest update. It does not go further than the introduction page.

The content is fine, however, there is one INCREDIBLY ANNOYING thing that happens every time I use the app: I am reading some interesting article in your app and then I switch to a different app, for example, to browser or to WhatsApp, and when I switch back to your app, the article is no longer there and there is no way to find it. Could you, please, do something about it? Like introduce a history of read articles or prevent the app from defaulting to home screen after a period of inactivity.

I rarely giving a feedback directly from Playstore to any apps, except McKinsey Insights! I install this app with expectation that it could give an insight while killing time but wow it’s surely surpass my expectation! I’m amazed with the interior of this app. The way it illustrate problems and solutions with a sophisticated but not so much animated chart is mesmerizing and the topics is very interesting. Perfect, thank you and keep up the good work!

The application has stopped working or opening after recent update… Very sad and disappointed to experience that.

  • Hi, sorry for the unpleasant experience you had with our app. We request you to upgrade the app to the latest version 6.3. Do write to us at Insights_support[at] if you still face any issue.

Excellent app, but it would be even more user-centric if we can play podcast with locked screen

This app provides insights and valuable information. Other apps will probably charge a fee for the same information. One of the must have business apps for me.

I love this app! Very insightful and updated with entertaining and useful report. Thank you for the work.

Excellent materials,insights and free to read. Thank you. To the dev team, can you please add the feature to listen to article audio even when the phone is locked or after auto display turn off. It is not much useful when the audio stops when the phone display turns off.

  • Hi, We’ve forwarded your feedback to our engineering team. Thank you for taking out time to send us your suggestions!

The application is fantastic. It’s fluid, it’s intuitive, it’s fun to use. Graphics and animation are premium quality and I thoroughly enjoy using the app. There’s one thing though, I feel the content that’s published contains a lot of fluff.

I love the app! I enjoy reading the knowledge articles Mckinsey employees write. Just something to point with this last update. When I receive notifications from Mckinsey Insights on my phone,the logo doesn’t seem to appear, only a tiny bluebox appears. It hasn’t done it before until this most recent update. Just something to point out.

This is a must-have app for every business oriented person. However, all the insights and information would be quite useful to anyone. It’s free, with super intuitive and beautiful interface, no ads. 5 stars is not enough! Well Done, McKinsey and thank you!

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