Street Lines BMX – Become a pro BMX rider

[Game] Street Lines BMX

Street Lines BMX

Get on your BMX and ride some sweet lines through the streets of world famous skate spots like San Francisco, Miami Beach, London, Barcelona and much more to come!

With an intuitive control system that is easy to learn, but hard to master, this arcade style game gives you the chance to become a pro BMX rider!

Focused on gorgeous graphics and a relaxed gameplay style you can pull off some sweet stunts and tricks.

Only your imagination and skill sets the limit!


A bunch of awesome tricks, grinds, slides and manuals!
Pull off extreme combos!
Gorgeous graphics and real world skate spots!
Unlock new maps, characters, tricks, and bikes!
Realistic physics!
Intuitive controls that anyone can learn, but few will master!

From the independent developer EnJen Games, the team behind the wildly popular BMX Freestyle Extreme 3D, and BMX FE3D 2.

Street Lines BMX user reviews :

this game is really addictive. loading is fast and the game gets straight to the point. controls are little bit confusing at first but once you get the hang of it you can preform tricks from 180 tailwhip to 360 barspin. This app would be a perfect 5 star if it had an endless mode where you could do the most sick lines until you get bored or fall. But other than that, this is the best bmx app i have played and i totally recommend downloading it

Omg, What a brilliant game! There is nothing more to say other than download this game, it amazes me that it’s free! it’s extremely fun and addictive and i highly recommend, my biggest tip is to just keeping playing and don’t get turned away due to lack of skill because trust me, in no time you’ll be doing 360 tailwhip pedal grind to nose manual down the first stair set So fun and satisfying!

The game bugs out on the tutorial. Can’t get pass the part where they teach you how to spin, it keeps showing you the same part of the tutorial no matter how many times you complete it.

  • You are right – the tutorial is broken in the latest update (1.11). A new update that fixes this, will be available within a few hours. Thank you for letting me know about the bug. I hope you want to try the new update that will be available shortly.

Amazing even though it is not 3D world. the overall quality is still better than previous series. the control is easy we can do some really creative lines here. BUT will there be skate versions too? I think skateboard version of this will be interesting

  • I’m glad you like it :) and yes there will be a scooter and a skateboard version too

just download bmx streets for iOS or android such a better game all around, controls, physics, tricks, maps. can’t believe this is rated 4.4 Haha This is a cool game and definitely can go somewhere but for now the physics just seem wack.

This game could be pretty cool if the creators did a little more research about BMX. It’s simple but fun and controls are decent too. Make the “skaters” riders lol & make some current looking bikes, would be pretty easy updates.

I’ve always been into bmx from a very young age racing NBL and ABA. like any true rider trails to street jumping or grinding hand rails. it’s a love thing a lifestyle so to find a game this good on my phone is a great time killer…

Enjoying this game alot… just wish that there were more maps or different ones to choose from. Just gets kind of boring riding the same 3 maps over and over again.

  • I’m glad you enjoy the game :) There has been updates to the game – so now there are 5 different maps to play. Make sure to get the latest version from google play

Just fun!!! I just wish you started before the opstical u crashed on. so it would be like u practicing a line.. but all around great game..

The game is ok. My main gripe is that the “Bikers” you know, being that it’s a BMX game are referred to as “Skaters”. Being a BMXer myself that’s something that needs to change. Do your research if your gonna make a game. Thanks

Amazing, relaxing, calm and fun game with soft music and atmospheres coming straight out of your dreams … You feel like an urban, street boy doing tricks in creative places while the sun sets down…… Best game ever made by this developer Very very very good job

  • Thank you very much for your good review! I am very glad you enjoy it

i especially love the music in the game and i recorded the music and played it in my Philips speaker using Bluetooth the game is excellent and i could earn points

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