Street Lines Scooter –  Pull off extreme combos

[Game] Street Lines Scooter

Street Lines Scooter

Get on your scooter and ride some sweet lines through the streets of world famous skate spots like San Francisco, Miami Beach, London, Barcelona and much more to come!

With an intuitive control system that is easy to learn, but hard to master, this arcade style game gives you the chance to become a pro scooter rider!

Focused on gorgeous graphics and a relaxed gameplay style you can pull off some sweet stunts and tricks, and only your imagination and skill sets the limit!


A bunch of awesome tricks, grinds, slides and manuals!
Pull off extreme combos!
Gorgeous graphics and real world skate spots!
Unlock new maps, characters, tricks, and bikes!
Realistic physics!
Intuitive controls that anyone can learn, but few will master!

From the independent developer EnJen Games, the team behind the wildly popular Scooter Freestyle Extreme 3D, and Scooter FE3D 2.

Street Lines Scooter user reviews :

It’s a fun game although it does glitch

The game has a cool concept but is available on laptops even though it doesnt work. The graphics are terrible but overrall a cool game.

Its beautiful the different places are nice and every my only to things is the title screen dosen’t fit the quality of this game and that when u so a trick sometimes it comes late and messes up your flow

the controls are super easy to learn but it does glitch out sometimes but overall it betters your experience in scootering. awesome game.

not bad but the graphics are not good but. I still like the game cuz I can do cool stunts. I wish the developer could make the graphics better

  • We do too but unfortunately mobile gaming still has its limits

I love this game so very much, it’s so unique. and Enjen Games makes the best freestyle games out there. I’ve really been enjoying this game. p.s could you add more maps to Scooter FE3D 2?

  • I’m very glad you like it :) new maps for this game and FE3D 2 is high on the to do list

I think I would like it better if there was an option to hide the trick menu its very distracting when you push

Not bad gameplay okay graphics not a bad game one problem is you have to complete like three runs in order to get enough coins to get something that’s my only problem besides that it’s a good game

This game sucks when I first installed it I was reading through the reviews and they seem pretty good so I decided to install it but once I installed it it sucked. Once I finish the tutorial I kept on falling and could not move. the controls are horrible I do not suggest installing this game! I thought it would be a game that looks bad and is good but it turns out to be a game that looks bad and is I uninstalled this game one minute after playing it. I wish I could give it no stars!!

I love the game its brilliont it gives a range of good tricks and you get to upgrade your charictor,scooter and when you get enoth money to upgrade your charictor exectra exectra you can also buy different tricks like finger whip briflip inword and many more and as you go ferther down buyable trick list the money you have to pay gets more and more antil you buy all of the

This game is a good game graphics not so much but it’s fun when I first played it it was complicated but u would get it….like always advertisment ain’t Tru but still a great game

I love this game and I’m trying to rank up

Love the game very easy. *tip* Dont upgrade to a new character or scooter keep the same one and upgrade it

This game is so good and addictive but the items in the game are a bit too over priced on gold.

Pretty Awesome Game. Graphics are ok. Controls well. Love the variety of Riders & Scoots. “Dirty Sancez” is my Fave…

It’s really fun but I think is should have like a free sesh where u can do all the tricks in a boul or something

the controls are so much weirder than the main one not impressed

  • They take a bit of getting used to if you’re used to the fe3d games but if you give it a shot and learn them I’m sure you will like it – and the fact there is so little UI on the screen so you can really see the game

Amazing! They should make the movement more realistic tho

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