Road Crash – Will you become the most fearful driver

[Game] Road Crash

Road Crash

Crash all the cars on the road while driving to the finish line!

Bump them off the road to get coins and buy more vehicles. Merge cars in your garage to unlock even more powerful ones! Will you become the most fearful and reckless driver of them all?


Many different cars to unlock and more to come
Simple controls to ride your car smoothly
An insane amount of coins and destruction

Road Crash user reviews :

I’ve been playing this game about 8 months now and I’ll have it longer no problems at all good graphics and sound no waiting to load just cars cars cars race on.

It’s a great game at first, but as you can see, after a couple of levels, the notes don’t be before the level anymore. It was a bit upsetting. Also, the game turns SO boring!! It was just getting boring because we only had to chase cars and take them down! And there is no boss levels, or hard levels, or easy levels, or medium levels! Please don’t make me see ads after every level!! Deleted.

This would’ve been a great game, but there is an excessive amount of ads and it’s more than irritating, it’s unsatisfying, annoying, and I threw my phone because of it! I end the game, an ad comes, I get a car, and ad comes. AND THEN there’s lag! My phone literally freezes up everytime I’m trying to “buy” a car or “play” a race! I mean c’mon, your game could been the best, but no you had to add excessive amount of ads! Thought it be a time killer guess I’m wrong!

Road crash seemed like a super fun game from the ad but when I installed it, the game just kept freezing my screen and even when I tried turning my phone off, it wouldn’t turn off. There are so many glitches and when you finally get to play a race there are even more glitches. You don’t get a fun experience and personally, I just think it is a watse of space now. :( I was really looking forward to a fun game play. I guess I can give it another chance but I am not pleased.

It asked me if I want to watch an ad to double my level up rewards. I click ‘NO’ and then it played an unskippable 30 second ad anyway. It does the same for post-race rewards and offline rewards. BS game design and I can’t figure out if it’s laziness, incompetence, or developer greed. I can sum up my review with this: Just start the race and don’t touch the controls. With no input whatsoever, you will regularly get 3rd-7th place. Getting 1st doesn’t give you any more money or progress to the next world more quickly, so there is literally no point to touching the controls. You will get the exact same reward for trying your hardest or for leaving your phone on the table and having a coffee.

This game is quite cool. It sometimes lags but otherwise fun. It would be more interesting if the maps changed because the only difference is the scenery and having short tunnels. I have had this game for a 1-3 years maybe, it is still a great game for me!

Oh dear. Absolutely nothing to write home about. It’s another one of those idle merge games where you combine different cars to make better cars with better stats that somehow magically earn you cash. Pretty sure this even has the same assets and everything as Merge Cars from a couple years back. However the only difference is a completely optional “race” game where you actually have to crash into all the bots. It’s very underwhelming. I wouldn’t bother honestly.

Instead of it being called Road Crash it should just be called crash, the game just crashed. I can’t play no more, the games frozen no matter what I do, I can’t click anything. Other than having to re install this stupid game, it’s a pretty good game, more quirky than others, you can drive your cars and merge to get better cars. I like it…

Not bad…waaaayvyo many ads though. The good thing is that you can get a free decent car or car upgrade for just watching an ad. What happened to the amazin giftcard win icon? It’s gone now. Controls are simple. Just swipe back and forth to hit cars to get coins. Hitting cars will give you a boost as well as running over road boosters. Be sure to hit ramp boost to guarantee first place.

Love this game! Update-Still love this game.

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