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SudoCube – 1010 Block Games

SudoCube   SudoCube is an addictive and challenging 1010 block game!

It combines the classic block puzzle games with sudoku! Not only can you smash cubes in lines, but also all blocks in 3 by 3 square. Keep challenging yourself with cube block games to achieve a higher score. Be the best cube solver with the highest score!

How to play SudoCube: 1010 Block Games:

Match color block to complete lines and cubes to form a blockchain and get them removed. Keep the board clean and beat your high score in the block puzzle games! Test your iq and win the block game!
Try to merge cube on the block puzzle board to destroy lines or 3×3 squares with every move in order not to fill up the block sudoku board.
There is no time limit in this cube block puzzle games, so no rush. Think one step ahead if you have to face a difficult move. It might be your last one.
Get as many scores as you can in blockudoku to become the best block breaker and cube solver.

Features of SudoCube: 1010 Block Games:

Unique block square games mechanics. Explore block games with whole new rules!
Cube block puzzle games has multiple shapes of blocks for you to fit in!
Get Combos score. Destroy multiple lines with just one move and step into cube master.
Get Streak score.when you score continuously, you will get streak score!
Multiple color themes for choose in this block breaker puzzle game.
Challenging goals. Never stop iq test and challenging yourself in blockdoku game.
No time limit! SudoCube blockpuz provides a pure gaming environment for all players!

Playing SudoCube: 1010 Block Game is addictive! Keep challenging yourself with block sudoku puzzles! It is not easy to break your own record. But it is fun to make the effort! Adjust your strategy and be the best cube solver with the highest score!

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SudoCube user reviews :

This is a fun app with different game choices within. I enjoy playing the SudoCube events but I have to say I’m tired of all the color-ins that represent these barbie doll images of women. Please just use some different themes. There’s so many you can chose from. Otherwise the games in the app and the app overall is enjoyable and worth the download.

Firstly, there seems to be no operations manual, and in spite of getting 5 or 6 tiles to clear at the same time, minimal points are scored. As you get better at the game they introduce 2,4 8 and 16 tiles late in the proceedings that cannot be placed, as there are too few to make 3. As such the board is jammed up with these, forcing you to lose and thus watch a video

I love this app! it’s more than one game and it’s available for short little bursts of time, when I need a quick break from the dailies. Ads are everywhere, so no complaints there (I’m adding ads to my sites as well ). Thanks for the water sorting game – that one’s FUN!!

Fun game. Number of adds is a little high, but ok. But adds are 30 seconds at times, and 2 in a row at times. That’s when I stop playing. So, fun for short periods.

I think these block games are programmed like candy crush to make you think you’re getting better but I think only about every fourth game is actually playable and the rest are designed not to allow you to win. I’m not absolutely sure, but something about this game and others like it don’t give me confidence they are legitimate. It’s not fun. I don’t play it

This app is fun!! It offers several games and is as fast or slow as you want it. Hubby and I are loving the gemapop game, it’s challenging. It’s our favorite app to use for games/entertainment..

I’ve been playing loads of these types of games and this is by far the best quality. with very non intrusive ads. very impressed

Latest update has become unstable. Animations often stutter or stall. App becomes slow or non responsive. Appears to be something to do with advertising access over network, I think I have seen similar effects with other apps recently after updates, so may be a Google related issue.

Fun little game and the ads aren’t too obnoxious. Well done! Please never update it ;) Edit; This app is EVEN BETTER than I thought. It’s 3 lovely little puzzle games in 1. I really like hexpop. And it’d be great to teach kids how numbers work in computers (2’s compliment).

A great game. Non-obtrusive adds content. Would recommend but be prepared it becomes addictive!!

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