Farm Flow – Use your brain to find the right way

[Game] Farm Flow – Connect the Dots

Farm FlowWelcome to the fun Farm Flow with brain puzzles my friend!

Help the cute pug connect the dots on the board with colored lines. Chaos is happening on the Farm Flow, all the animals have scattered across the territory, creating a fun brain puzzle for you. The sheep ate the whole lawn. The pigs take a mud bath in the middle of the yard. The roosters put up a fight. Horses are racing, dust all around, you can’t breathe. In general, chaos and nothing more. Use your brain to find the right way and connect all the dots with color lines on the board. Play this relaxing cute animal game for free, but hurry up or they will destroy the Farm Flow!

You need to find the right path on the board and connect the dots. Draw a color line from a cute animal to its home to accompany it. The more you solve brain puzzles and accompany the animals, the faster you will stop the chaos. This fun game can help you relax and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of farm calm and tranquility!

Our brain puzzle has several rules:
Cute animals can only be accompanied to their houses.
Colored lines cannot intersect with each other. These are the rules at Farm Flow!
A bridge will help you avoid crossing lines.
If there are several identical funny animals on the board, then you will need to build a path so that they all move one after another in one color line, connecting the dots.
The board must be completely filled with lines, otherwise the brain puzzle will not be solved.
If you are confused and do not know the answer, it’s okay, a farmer pug is always ready to help you. He knows exactly how to solve the brain puzzle in our free adult game.

Our fun game will help you relax and stretch your brain. We have combined cute graphics and relaxing music with interesting and challenging puzzles with color lines. We have many animals in our Farm Flow. Connect the dots on the board and solve as many brain puzzles as possible to unlock all the cute animals and add them to your collection. Dress up animals in various costumes and send them to exhibitions to get a reward. At the beginning the game will be simple, but with each level you will have to think more and more about colored lines and dots, drawing and connecting, animals and paths in this free brain puzzle game for adults.

But that’s not all! After all, our fun Farm Flow is not simple, but with quirks. The further you advance through the levels, the more strange things will happen. Farmer pug saw several hovering objects in the sky above the farm. Connect the dots with color lines on the board to learn all the secrets of the farm. This fun game can help you relax and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of calm and tranquility!

At this stage, a couple more rules appear in our brain puzzle:
Time is a priceless resource. Find the correct path for the cute animals to their homes as quickly as possible before they are abducted by aliens.
Alien portals. In one place you enter the portal, in another place you exit the portal. The main thing is not to confuse the portals by colors, otherwise the cute animals may not return.

Are you still here?! The farmer pug is looking forward to seeing you on his Farm Flow and is already preparing new brain puzzle updates. Connect the dots with color lines on the board and stop the chaos on the Farm Flow in this free game for adults. Relax and plunge into the atmosphere of calm and tranquility! If you want to write a letter to a pug, ask a question, offer your idea, or just chat, here is the mail: pug[at]

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Farm Flow user reviews :

Super cute on every level to match animals up

  • Hello! Thank you for choosing our game! We’re currently working on more interesting content. If you have any questions about the gameplay, feel free to ask at help[at]

I love it so much

  • Hello! We’re happy to hear you like our game! We’re already working on more cool content. If you have any questions about the gameplay, feel free to ask at help[at]

Sassy wants to see you

  • Hello. Thank you for the review. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at help[at]!

Uninstalled bc too hard for my older brain (62) Really liked it until level 8 with the multi portals & unable to figure it out. Very disappointed bc I was hoping it would help me with my brain issues.

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