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Sudoku Simple Sudoku Simple is just how it sounds – we aimed to create an easier, beginner-friendly sudoku puzzle in which color helps you become a sudoku solver! Love logic? But feel less logical when it comes to solving sudoku puzzles? This sudoku is the easiest to learn available and has been called a revelation for some who wanted a simpler way to learn to solve sudoku puzzles.

Just start easy! Truly train your brain to understand new sudoku puzzle logic without complication or the strain of looking at black and white grids. Start training by playing smaller sudoku puzzles and harness the power of color and your brain will make more logical decisions! And as you become a sudoku puzzle solving master, adjust your difficulty to hard for a break from the now too-easy sudoku puzzles from your sudoku infancy!

Color Helps Your Eyes and Brain
Black and white sudoku puzzle grids can be stark and hurt those eyes. Our gentler color grid puzzles are easy on the eyes, and help your brain strategize faster!

Smaller Puzzles Give You a Big Boost
A largely blank 9×9 classic sudoku grid can be a scary thing. We start you out on smaller puzzles until you get the hang of logic and can start to formulate strategy!

Difficulty Levels Keep You Training
Your brain will soon become a sudoku color master and while you can continue to enjoy solving sampler sudoku puzzles, you can always check Settings for Hard mode! We believe in you, but we like to play to just relax too ;)

Sudoku Veterans Welcome
If you don’t want your hand held or you prefer a classic black and white sudoku grid, you can always access good old fashioned original sudoku from the play menu.

If we don’t make Sudoku the easiest game to learn or better understand, color us confused.

Sudoku Simple user reviews :

It’s a great free sudoku app. It looks great and runs well. Though it randomly opens the playstore every once in a while and it has banner ads that run constantly and you can’t seem to remove them. I think it would be worth paying to remove the ads and it would solve the only problems I’ve come across. Some more themes would also be nice.

this has become my favourite game on my phone, I’ve always loved sudoku and have been on the hunt for a relaxing, no-pressure app to use to wind down before i go to sleep. this is perfect. ads are very generously placed and not invasive, challenge is optional with a range of difficulty modes, you aren’t punished for mistakes (really helpful when dozing off!), there is no timer and it has a great dark mode option. the colours help you differentiate between lines too. also the left handed option!!

This game would have received 5 stars if it didn’t have some of the most annoying, click-bait, hard to x out ads I’ve ever seen. If this developer had a paid app with no ads, they would get my $. Alas, they don’t have one. Too bad I can’t give this more stars.

  • Hi Katie! Our studio is passionate about developing high-quality, affordable games for players of all ages. Each of our games features an ad-supported, free version so that we can continue to fund future development. Please reach out through the in-game Support page if you have any further questions or concerns for our team!

Appreciate having 3 options in the levels of difficulty. Nice brain exercise in deduction. Wish there were more options in the goals, along with selecting different levels of difficulties for accomplishing them. And a back arrow instead of just a forward arrow. Prehaps a drop down could be in the works? Completing 45 cells is not as enjoyable as finishing a certain cell last. Prefer different pictures to display after a win, or perhaps even choices. Current pics are childish.

  • Hi Teresa, thanks for the review. We appreciate your feedback! Our team is always looking for ways to improve our apps, so we really appreciate you taking the time to leave a review. Please don’t hesitate to Contact Us with any additional suggestions or feedback you have to share with our team. Thanks for playing!

I enjoy this game. However, there’s an ad for blockudoku that never ends. It has been popping up for the last month almost daily and there’s never an x to close it out. I have to shut it the app down and then restart your app in order to continue to play. It’s extremely frustrating.

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