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Get your portion of fun daily brain training for Sudoku with the best FREE Online puzzles game! Sudoku Wizard is the #1 online puzzle game to play on your Android mobile phones and tablets. Learn and improve your skills.

In our application, you will have the chance to play the best challenging Sudoku puzzles available. Complete the daily challenges, unlock the new daily puzzles and start playing now!

Solve puzzles whether you’re a complete novice playing your first game, or you’ve made your way and become an expert. Enjoy a clear, easy to read, and customizable Sudoku board with visual guides that make glancing at the possibilities a breeze. With its simple rules the game can be played by everyone and everywhere from the US to Japan, from South Africa to Canada across the globe.

Sudoku is one of the most popular brainy games played by millions of people. Train your intellect by playing our FREE brain-stimulating Online game! Discover our app through the amazing graphics and user-friendly navigation! Play it either on your mobile device or a tablet!

Relieve your stress and will make your brain “boil” simultaneously! Our game is your daily mental exercise to prevent the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

With our application keep your brain active, feel relaxed and enjoy the sense of accomplishment! You know that time is precious, so waste it wisely with our application!

Sudoku Wizard is the most exciting, challenging, and friendly game you’ve ever played, FREE!


Daily free puzzles.
Various and easy puzzles that can be solved by everyone.
Easy puzzles to keep your mind sharp.
Best brainy app to escape from daily routine, relax and learn.
Best way to improve your problem solving skills.
User-friendly system of hints to play the game.
Colorful graphics and easy navigation.
Weekly competitions with friends or competitors worldwide.
Free bonus puzzles.

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Sudoku Wizard user reviews :

It is ok, not sure the reason for the difference color boxes and why they change. Can not sign into Facebook, I get an error. Wish there was more of a distraction between the computers numbers and my number. I like the ability to write multiple numbers and the ease of changing it to one number. I have completed all the bonus games but now there are no more games to play. Dont like that there is no way to quickly reset a game…if I make a mistake in the middle of playing I have to manually erase every cell to start over.could be a great game just not there yet.

Nice idea but its really hard to get used to when its not highlighting numbers that you need highlighted . Most sudoku highlight all the same numbers already placed when you choose a number. This one highlights randomly it seems.

It’s great game but some events and puzzles will load all way to 100% then say error try again. I’ll do this for 5x and still same thing.

I keep getting errors loading the daily puzzle. I have to use coins to play older puzzles.

I like the puzzles.Just wish you could play more often.

Good game nice to play in my down time. It gets harder as you go along

Well luv Sudoku it says u can log n2 Facebook however cant

Thanks for solving fb connectivity issue, I love this game, also include friends leaderboard who solve too many puzzles and in leaderboard we can see our friends’s profile.

Enjoy the games The only thing I dislike is the videos they want you to watch before and after a puzzle but at the same time you get more coins

Game itself is good but can be better The videos that one has to see before you play another game is kind of irritating rest is good.

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